The Best of SteamyBedtime 2018 Roundup

 06/01/2019    photography

In this article we take a look back over the last 12 months and pick out some of our favourite posts and highlights from 2018.

There have been some great highlights this year. We'll pick out several of our favourites here, but let's choose a top three to begin:

  • We started to explore video and created a SpankingTube account
  • We've been more active on Twitter and recently passed 1000 followers
  • We've worked on improving our photography and lighting skills

It wasn't easy to choose a photo for the "title image" of this roundup blog post, but the image above comes from our submission to Sinful Sunday week 363. I love the composition, and it encompasses a few of my other favourite things; including silky lingerie and bare bottomed spankings! ;-)

Highlights of 2018

Our first article of 2018 was the beginning of a photo-a-week project with a focus on erotic Japanese style rope bondage. With hindsight, it was a little too ambitious since we accompanied every "photo" with a themed blog post, and the project ended around week 26. Despite not going the full 52 weeks, there was some good stuff here and I quite honestly think it's not a bad resource for the rope-curious. There were also lots of useful links to courses at the ShibariClasses website.

You can see a listing of all our completed articles below. (The listing appears slightly out of sequence due to subsequent updates and corrections, but it's all there somewhere!)

(Above) A sample from the first week of our Kinbaku52 project.

We don't do loads of product reviews, but when we planned our blog at the end of 2016 we decided that follow-up reviews always seemed quite hard to find. Some toy experts are reviewing new vibrators every week... I mean, seriously?! We revisited our Lovehoney Desire clitoral vibe at the beginning of the year, nine months on from our original review, and compared it alongside a couple of other favourites. I enjoyed the re-review process, looking at this alongside a rabbit and a wand, and hopefully it's of some meaningful value to readers.

(Above) Close up of the Lovehoney Desire Clitoral Vibrator.

In March we were approached to review a Mini "Stinger" Tawse from the Ouch UK Correction Collection. We've linked below to our First Impressions Review, but since then we've featured the review item in numerous blog posts, photographs, tweets and video clips. A truly craft disciplinary implement that absolutely lives up to its stingy name! Here are a selection of blog posts that we remembered to tag with: mini-stinger

(Above) Close up of the Ouch UK mini "stinger" pocket tawse.

And next we come to photo-stories, a couple of which also have follow-up video clips! My favourite so far was our Schoolgirl Judy in the Headmaster's Study. I thought the written dialogue portrayed the atmosphere of the scene very well, and it happens to contain some of my favourite photos.

Our photo-stories for 2018 have included:

(Above) Schoolgirl Judy has a painful encounter in the Headmaster's study.

In the latter half of the year we began to experiment with video. For a while we have been sharing short spanking video clips via Twitter (we'll pick out a few below) but more recently we created a SpankingTube account to be able to share longer and higher quality clips. There are two so far, and we have more planned for the new year. First, from Twitter:

(Above) A link to our SpankingTube account.

And finally, if you already follow us on Twitter you'll know we enjoy retro comics, and 'photoshopping' vintage adverts and pulp paperbacks so that they become more spank-oriented. The example below takes the title "Redheads at the Chalet School" and amends it to "Red Bottoms at the Chalet School". The handgun from the original cover is replaced by a (perhaps even more scary!) leather paddle... to what I find a humorous effect.

(Above) An edited paperback cover.

Yes it's all a bit silly, but if this sort of surreal and out of context humour appeals to you, then give us a follow: @SteamyBedtime. You can find all our "media" tweets here: @SteamyBedtime Media.

Aims for 2019

In a nutshell, more of the same!

Definitely there will be more video content in 2019. Also, we have lots of photos that never get shared because it simply takes too long to present it all as a fully fledged blog post. So, rather like our recent Feathers and Rope article, we'll be sharing a few more photo-oriented blog posts. If we learned anything from our truncated photo-a-week project of 2018, it's to go with the flow and not commit to a schedule, but if you enjoyed any of our content so far, you can feel assured 2019 is going to be even better.

Enjoy, and have a good one! :-)

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