Feathers and Rope

 12/12/2018    kinbaku

In a slight departure from our usual blog format, we're presenting this as a standalone photoset, without any particular context or back-story.


Kinbaku, or Shibari (or simply Japanese style erotic rope) has a unique aesthetic beauty. The following photographs feature a black feather (ostrich on a perspex stem) and a black Lovehoney Seduce Me Basque. If this style of rope play appeals to you, we highly recommend ShibariClasses - an online training resource created by Bruce Esinem and Nina Russ.

We've always felt compelled to present these posts within the context of a review or a story, but with the demise of Tumblr, perhaps it's fun to occasionally let the images speak for themselves? Let us know what you think in the comments below. :-)


Feathers and Rope 1 - November 2018

Feathers and Rope 2 - November 2018

Feathers and Rope 3 - November 2018

Feathers and Rope 4 - November 2018

Feathers and Rope 5 - November 2018

Feathers and Rope 6 - November 2018

Feathers and Rope 7 - November 2018

Feathers and Rope 9 - November 2018


The style of tie featured in this photo-set is a gote shibari, often referred to as a Takate Kote, or TK, or Box-Tie. If you want to get practising, please do get yourself some proper tuition, and if you're looking to explore online options you won't go far wrong with the following two courses! :-)

The black basque is from Lovehoney. They do have some very nice lingerie, often with discounts and offers if you sign up to their mailing list. Take a look via the handy link below.

Gourmet Shibari and Magic Wand Fun

  19/09/2018    kinbaku
We take a very light-hearted look at some rope play involving a Wand vibrator, and we make a couple of recommendations from Esinem's ShibariClasses website....

Sinful Sunday 377

  01/07/2018    kinbaku
Our submission to Sinful Sunday 377 blends two images from our latest blog post into a slightly skewed and not totally centered diptych....