Sailor Girl Judy Spanked for Church Fete Misbehaviour

 03/06/2018    spanking

It seems Judy is sailing close to the wind in her choice of very risque fancy dress outfits whilst helping out at their local church fete.

The oak front door of SteamyBedtime Towers swung with the whisper of draught excluder brushing lightly against a natural coir doormat, closing with its usual decisive click. A stained glass panel above the door cast dappled light towards the foot of the staircase as Judy kicked off her shoes and headed through to the living room.

"Well, that was a successful afternoon. I think a cup of tea is called for before I get changed."

If she had been aware of the look of doubtful concern upon her husband's face, she gave no indication until she felt herself steered by the arm towards one of the high stools that stood against their breakfast bar.

"First things first," he began. "I have a number of questions that need to be addressed without further delay."

With a familiar inevitability, Judy felt herself gently guided over the stool, her forearms flat upon its seat. Clearly it was to be "one of those" types of discussion, and she was not in the least surprised as she felt her bunched skirts swept clear of her tautly presented bottom.

"Instead of relaxing I seem to have spent most of my time this afternoon defending your behaviour to a number of very important people at the village fete, and quite frankly I was rapidly running out of excuses."

"I don't know what you mean," Judy replied innocently, bracing herself for the impending impact of palm upon bottom.

"Allow me to explain," and his explanation began in the traditional manner, with a clattering chorus of spanks that in no time at all had thoroughly warmed her sexy, pantie clad behind.

Pausing for just a moment, his explanation continued, "Firstly I was buttonholed by the vicar who told me that the coconut shy you were asked to run has never seen so many customers..."

"Well that's a good thing surely?"

"Particularly male customers," he continued rather pointedly, unperturbed by the interruption, "which I'm told is quite unusual at these traditional church fetes. His suspicions were raised that many of the customers may have been more interested in the very frequent flashes of your lace suspenders than in actually trying to win a coconut!"

"But," Judy protested, "he asked all the helpers to come in colourful fancy dress! I was only following instructions."

"I suspect," came the reply, seconds prior to her spanking recommencing with increased vigour, "that he was relying on more modest outfits for what was supposed to be a family friendly event."

What little protection had been afforded by her white lace suspender panties was promptly lost as they were drawn down immodestly to her upper thighs. Any sting of embarrassment was drastically overwhelmed by the sting of her bottom as she felt her husband's ministrations navigate her reddened butt, claiming every inch of territory with a deep, smarting sting.

"And, I hardly need to point out that your remarks about those poor twin boys was quite unforgivable. I can't believe you accused them of looking like cartoon characters from Alice in Wonderland!"

At this welcome, but no doubt brief pause in her spanking, Judy retorted, "Well, honestly! Who in their right mind dresses children like that these days?"

"Oh, don't you know who dresses children like that? It turns out our good lady Mayoress dresses her children like that! If it helps you to recall the scene even more clearly, the Mayoress would be the lady who you very rudely accused of wearing a hat that looked like the top of a submarine!"

Any response she might have given was quickly submerged in a fresh wave of thunderous spanks that left her cheeks feeling aglow. From left cheek to right cheek, from high on her bottom to the tops of her thighs, her husband's right hand spoke its disapproval of her naughty behaviour more clearly than any lecture.

"And so we come to the grand finale, in which Ms Umbrage took me to one side and informed me that one of the supposedly alcohol free punch-bowls operated by her Girl Guide group had been spiked with gin! There were rumours that the young lady from the coconut stall might have known something about it."

"She's such a miserable old fuddy-duddy! Someone needed to liven things up!" But the sheer audacity of that response quickly earned her another dozen very firm spanks!

"I hardly think that's a reasonable excuse! I had to tell her that you were far too fond of gin to be giving it away for free. She seemed very slightly appeased, although I'm not sure she was altogether convinced. Speaking for myself, I am most definitely unconvinced. And so-"

His conclusive "and so" hung in the air for a long moment while Judy sensed rather than saw something slim and light being withdrawn from his rear trouser pocket. The tappity-tap of cold leather taking aim upon her hot bottom answered the question for her and confirmed her worst fears.

"I think a final ten firm strokes of the mini-tawse will illustrate exactly how I view your extremely inappropriate behaviour this afternoon."

The crisp, biting sting and the strap's beguilingly quiet sound as it whipped across her bare bottom was instantaneous. Keeping obediently in the prescribed position, she knew there were still nine more to come and her poor bottom would be blazing by the time it was over.

Maintaining a slow and silent count from one to ten, Judy felt each lick of the mini-tawse bite across her already scorched bottom cheeks, leaving its red-hot footprint that she knew would persist long after the blushes of her husband's palm had faded from her cheeks.

"And now," he concluded, "I suggest you go upstairs, get changed, and take a few moments to consider just exactly how naughty you have been."

A most welcome cup of tea was waiting for her on the breakfast bar as soon as she returned. But, feeling the maddeningly prickly sting that still pulsated throughout her bottom, she chose to forgo the usual comfort of the bar stool and enjoyed her drink... standing up!


The sailor outfit I've been wearing came from Ann Summers, but it seems to be discontinued. For a broad sweep of saucy roleplay outfits, here are a few possibilities.

The white stockings and suspender thong are from Lovehoney, see links below.

If you enjoy spanking and discipline roleplay, take a look through the Spanking Category of our blog, and if you are curious about the mini-tawse implement featured in some of the photos above, follow this link to Ouch-UK.

From my own experiences so far, you can have my sincere assurance that (even when used quite lightly) the Mini "Stinger" Pocket Tawse has a wicked bite. You can read about our first impressions in the articles below:

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