A Blessing or a Curse (a spanking short story)

 30/06/2022    spanking

Mrs Taylor faces a dilemma when her daughter breaches the school's "three-strikes" policy, and finds herself in line for a mandatory four strokes of the cane. Fortunately for her, and unfortunately for her daughter, she has an alternate plan!

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This is a fantasy story featuring traditional school corporal punishment. The primary characters are a mother (Headmistress) and her 18 year old daughter. The storyline introduces the Headmaster from a neighbouring school.

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Dr Barnstaple was careful, unhurried. Light taps with the tip of the cane helped him to judge his aim. Measuring. Waiting. Then came the second swoosh and crack.

This time it was impossible to stifle a cry. Even the secretaries in the outer office pricked up their ears. A muffled “Ee-ouch!” permeated the office door.

Stephanie’s hands released her ankles and her fingers shot out rigid. It was a spontaneous reflex to the shock, although she remained bending. Without needing a prompt, she re-gripped her ankles, and waited.

That second stroke carried a fiery intensity, far worse than the first. Her bottom throbbed, a hot sting spreading.

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