The Holiday (a spanking short story)

 21/06/2022    spanking

When Jenny Greene decides she's too grown up for family holidays, she spends a week in her friend's Brittany holiday cottage, but they soon discover they're not quite so grown up as they thought.

The full story is available here:

This is a story featuring adult domestic discipline. The primary characters are a mother, her 19 year old daughter, and her daughter's best friend.

We had some great feedback on our last story, and this one follows a more domestic theme. At nineteen, Jenny is feeling far too grown for another holiday with her parents. An invitation from an old school friend sounds far more enticing. She's about to learn whether the grass really is greener...

Jenny squeezed her lips tight shut, stifling a cry as a prickling sting spread through her bottom. Angry and helpless, she tried to hold back the tears. If nothing else, she wanted to deny Pauline that satisfaction. But, as the spanks rained down on her almost bare behind, a warm dampness formed around her eyelids. She could not remember when she last cried, but tears soon began to dribble down her cheeks to the tip of her nose.

The slipper rose and the slipper fell, relentless in rhythm and force. Jenny was no softy. She felt sure she could have braced herself against a few individual spanks. What made it unbearable was the cumulative effect. Prickling, biting, building. Pauline ensured the smarting sting was never given the slightest moment to subside.

By ten, Jenny was losing count, and Mrs Winchester was racing high into the double-digits. Her bottom was burning, every impact sending piercing shock-waves deep into her cheeks.

"Stop, please, Mrs Winchester! I've learned my lesson now. Please!"

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