Unfinished Business (a spanking short story)

 07/06/2022    spanking

Sophie Heaton's lifelong dreams of becoming a teacher at her former boarding school seem to be on the brink of fulfillment, until a past indiscretion resurfaces. With her future in the hands of the school's formidable Headmistress, Sophie faces an impossible dilemma.

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This is a story featuring adult consensual discipline, in a boarding school setting. The primary characters are the Headmistress and a young teacher.

I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've ever shared an F/F spanking story. I found it to be a delicious and enticing scenario, and felt confident it works best in this context. The protagonist, Sophie Heaton, is someone who has fallen in love with the traditions of boarding school life. Through her storybooks, and private daydreams, she has nurtured a dread fascination with the rituals of corporal punishment. It looks like her curiosity might soon be satisfied...

Mrs Grainger’s technique displayed a precision borne of experience. Sophie felt the cane’s pressure increase, but only for a second. In that moment it incised a ‘V’ channel across her cheeks, before a rapid backswing drew it away. Turning her shoulder, Mrs Grainger unleashed the coiled power of elbow and wrist. With stunning force she delivered an almighty thwack across Sophie’s firm, rounded behind.

There was a brief moment of silence as Sophie’s mouth fell open and her back arched in a reflexive action. That initial shock of impact soon erupted into a burning sting. As it penetrated deep into both her cheeks, she exhaled a gasp of anguished surprise. Fighting the urge to grab her bottom, her breath quickening, Sophie knew it would only get worse.

“That’s one, Heaton,” came Mrs Grainger’s quite unnecessary announcement. There was a satisfied relish to her words. A reminder this was only the beginning.

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