Schoolgirl Judy and the Forgotten PE Kit

 30/08/2017    spanking

In this spanking photo-story, we find that schoolgirl Judy has forgotten her PE kit, again, and it seems like her teacher's patience has finally been pushed too far. This is a fantasy scenario between consenting adults and no bottoms were (seriously) harmed during the writing of this story.

Sent to the library with the instruction to return with 100 lines, "I must not forget my P.E. kit again", Judy breathed an inward sigh of relief and considered she had got off fairly lightly.

Quickly gathering up her satchel and heading out of the sports hall, she saw over her shoulder that Mr Marshall was heading back into the sports hall where the rest of her form class were already lining up ready for their warm up exercises. After the stern lectures she had received on the previous two occasions when she had "forgotten" her gym kit, she began to take hope that he must have overlooked the dire consequences that were promised were it ever to happen again.

Unfortunately, it was mere seconds later when those optimistic hopes were brutally dashed as he too glanced back over his shoulder. "And, just one more thing Judy. See me in the sports hall office at four o'clock sharp, immediately after the class is over."

With a nervous swallow and feeling a familiar sinking feeling at the knowledge of what would surely follow, she answered with a sullen, "Yes Sir," and trudged off to begin the first half of her imposition.

Out of sight from the main hall and reception desk, the gym office was set back to one side of the main entrance lobby. Wisely Judy arrived a few minutes early and heard the other girls departing, their laughter and busy chatter floating past her ears while they were oblivious to her presence on the seat just around the corner.

She did not have to wait long for Mr Marshall and around five minutes later she heard his footsteps padding lightly towards her across the wooden floor. Looking up she saw that he was still in his sports clothes, but the thing that really got her attention was the heavy leather spanking strap that he held casually by his side. She smelled a brief wafting smell of leather as he walked by and obediently followed as he beckoned her into the office, closing the door quietly behind her.

Instead of taking up his usual seat behind the modern, metal framed desk, he drew a chair from the corner and sat facing Judy across the now eerily silent office.

"I didn't think there would be a repeat of your forgetfulness, not after the conversation we had last time. I believed that I had made the consequences perfectly clear?"

"Yes Sir, but I didn't do it on purpose," she protested. "I had lots of other stuff to carry and I just forgot to put it into my bag."

"Not good enough," he retorted, sounding quite exasperated. "And, it's clear to me now that my words alone were not good enough either. Obviously I need to come up with the sort of reminder that will be far more memorable for you. Some sort of long lasting reminder that you will not be able to forget in a hurry. Well it just so happens that I have a solution that will achieve exactly that."

There was no mistaking his intentions as he tapped the broad leather strap against the palm of his left hand. Judy fidgeted nervously but knew better than to argue. The Hardwood Academy, a private finishing school for young ladies, had remained staunch advocates of corporal punishment and Mr Marshall's own reputation preceded him.

"Stand right there, to my right, and bend yourself down over my lap. Hands flat on the floor please, and you will remain in that position until I instruct you to stand. Do I make myself clear?"

As slowly as she dared, desperate to postpone the moment, but not wishing to incur additional spanks for disobedience, Judy moved into position and carefully lay down across his firm, muscular thighs, feeling his left hand deftly sweep her dress clear of her bottom and drawing her right hip inward, so that she was pinned firmly against his body.

For once she was grateful for the boring modesty of her regulation white school knickers, although deep down she knew that the shapely curves of her bottom would still be tantalisingly displayed across his lap, perfectly poised for the spanking that would be unleashed any second from now.

Momentarily she felt the cold leather come to rest on the exposed flesh just below the leg elastic of her flimsy white briefs, knowing they would offer no worthwhile protection against the solid thwack of that heavy strap. Although she was fully expecting it, she was unprepared for the loudness of the crack of leather across the seat of her pants, or for the sharp sting as the tip of the strap flicked almost whip-like onto the centre of her right cheek.

Quickly her disgruntled protests were drowned out by the steady rhythm of Mr Marshall's strong right arm as he wielded the strap with formidable precision. Again and again Judy felt its sting biting into her cheeks and felt the familiar throbbing warmth of a very thorough spanking. Two minutes, corresponding to around forty spanks later, feeling breathless and with her heart racing, he guided her to her feet and instructed her to kneel, arms crossed along the top of the high-backed chair.

She winced slightly as she felt his hands roughly drag her knickers down to the middle of her thighs. She might have considered voicing some kind of protest, but the shame of this new indignity was quite simply overwhelmed by the relentless, prickly sting that pulsated throughout her bottom. Seconds later, and without further warning, the onslaught of leather upon her bared backside resumed with a vengeance.

Her fingers dug into the back of the old leather chair while her body rigidly maintained the prescribed position. With rather ill advised bravado, she felt determined not to give Mr Marshall the satisfaction of seeing her suffer at the hands of this rigorous, bottom-blistering spanking. After another two minutes of the unremitting ritual, there was another brief respite from the strap. She clutched her hands to her smarting buttocks only to be met with his immediate rebuke.

"Hands on your head," he declared crossly, "and stand here facing me."

Sliding the chair to one side, he turned to face her, the strap held in front of him. "I hope you are now beginning to get the message, but I'm afraid we are not quite done. Since you seem to make a habit of forgetting essential items of clothing, I think we shall dispense with the rest of your uniform! Undress yourself, and leave your clothes on the seat of the chair."

Judy stared back in disbelief, surely he was not allowed to force her to undress in his full view? But there was a commanding confidence to his voice and the implacable expression on his face left her feeling as though she had little choice but to obey. Very conscious of his eyes on her young body, she reluctantly did as she was told, awkwardly trying to cover herself until he ordered her to stand still and put her hands back on top of her head.

Blushing, she once again entwined her fingers above her head and waited.

"Maybe now you're now beginning to see the importance of not forgetting clothing! Not funny, is it?"

"No Sir," she replied dolefully.

"I dare say you will be keen to get this over with, so in a moment we will conclude your punishment with a final dozen spanks of the strap. Let me confirm, so there can be no possible confusion, do you think that you will be forgetting your sports kit again in future?"

"I'll definitely remember next time Sir," she assured him. "And I really am very sorry."

"In that case, I want you bending over, hands behind your knees please. These will be twelve very firm spanks and I suggest you remain in position throughout, unless you would like us to begin again at number one."

True to his word, Mr Marshall drew back his arm and whipped the strap hard around Judy's glowing pink cheeks with a crack that seemed to echo around the small office. Silently she counted the strokes inside her head. They fell more slowly than before, but with a force that generated the kind of buzzing sting which did not diminish at all between each spank, and each impact ramped up the degree of smarting to a whole new level.

"And now," he said, standing back and admiring his handiwork that was displayed upon her rosy red cheeks, "you may stand."

This time he did not chide her for grabbing her throbbing bottom and she gratefully massaged, surprised by the heat she felt in her fingers. He pointed to the corner, where he had mercifully laid a small cushion against the wall.

"Kneel there, facing the wall, and take a few minutes to consider your behaviour, and to think about how you will not let this happen again."

"Yes Sir. I promise I really won't forget again."

"I'm very glad to hear it. Keep in mind that the spanking you have just experienced with this leather strap is only the second most severe penalty we maintain here at the Hardwood Academy. In case you forget again, keep in mind that the next time you will not get the strap, it will be the cane! Let me assure you that after a dozen strokes across your bare bottom you will not sit down comfortably for a couple of days. Do I make myself very clear?"

"Very clear, Sir," she replied, and she very much believed him.

"In that case, you may get yourself dressed and make absolutely sure this doesn't happen again."

Judy left the office at around twenty minutes past four o'clock. Her spanking had been relatively brief, but she knew she would remember it for a long time. With her entire bottom swamped by a roasting, tingling sting, she lifted her school bag to her shoulder and headed towards the bus-stop and her short journey back home...


We were sent the Dominix Deluxe Leather Multipurpose Spanking Strap by Lovehoney in return for an honest review. We're having great fun with the testing - hope you enjoy actually seeing it in action - and our full review will be ready soon. The outfit is our Lovehoney Classified Schoolgirl Set, a long time favourite that we have featured in earlier blog posts.

The "impact-shot" style of photography you see in this photo-story is something we remember fondly from old Janus magazines. It's become relatively common nowadays, but I believe it was originally conceived by the team at Janus. We're still working on our own technique, and discussed it in more detail in this post: Sinful Sunday 333.

If you'd like to comment on the story, we'd very much welcome any feedback. I know the photos are slightly offset from the story! We only photographed the spanking scene (the fun bit!) and didn't want loads of text before the first image, so we just spread them out as best we could. We've already taken that on board and next time we'll take a few introductory photographs to illustrate the beginning of the story.

Hope you enjoy! :-) x

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