Don't Give Me Roses


Steamybedtime resident schoolgirl, Judy, is on her way to the headmaster's office in her Classified Schoolgirl Set from Lovehoney. Maybe he disapproves of her naughty spanking themed poetry?

 01/02/2017    spanking

In departure from our usual Steamybedtime blog format, we're featuring a Saint Valentine's Day poem, which embraces the romantic sensuality of a well spanked bottom. There are six verses (or stanzas, if you want to be more structurally pedantic!) and a couple of saucy pictures to keep you entertained along the way.

"Don't Give Me Roses"

A spanking poem, and Saint Valentine's Day homage to Judy...

It's that time of the year when lovers decide,
To send gifts and cards so their love's verified.
But flowers and chocolates won't do it for me,
I'm a girl who is sassy and bratty, you see.
Bend me over your knee - I'm glad to obey,
So don't give me roses on Valentine's day.

If you must give a gift to your Valentine crush,
Please let me suggest a flat wooden hairbrush.
Invite me to bend for the long wooden spoon,
You can play on my bottom a brisk drumming tune.
My cheeks will be pink as a pretty bouquet,
So don't give me roses on Valentine's day.

...continues below the photo.

You can decide if you're hanky or panky,
Provided you give me a jolly good spanky.
Pull down my panties and toss them aside,
Paddle or ruler? That's yours to decide.
A warm stinging bot is my favourite foreplay,
So don't give me roses on Valentine's day.

I can dress up for you - I'll give it a whirl,
A nurse, or a maid, or a naughty schoolgirl.
I might like to pout, but I won't contradict,
If you are the teacher, delightfully strict.
I'll lay on your lap while you're spanking away,
So don't give me roses on Valentine's day.

...continues below the photo.

Excitement will swell as my spanking commences,
My bottom is bared, I've let down my defences.
Impacts send shudders through each bottom cheek,
You turn up the heat with erotic technique.
And upon my behind I feel your palm play,
So don't give me roses on Valentine's day.

Then when it's all over you'll cuddle me tight,
My body awash with a tingling delight.
I hope you have shared in my sensual pleasures,
Kinky fulfilment beyond normal measures.
Yet already I'm longing for more time to play,
So don't give me roses on Valentine's day.


I hope you enjoy our kinky poetry! Drop us a line if you'd like to see more. We're already wondering if it would be possible to write a future product review entirely in verse? ;-)

There's nothing much too add, other than to say the schoolgirl outfit you see in the photographs is the Lovehoney Classified Schoolgirl Set. It's a really good quality fancy dress outfit, we've reviewed it in more depth in an earlier article. If spanking is your thing, you might enjoy these spanking paddles, also via Lovehoney.

This article on Uberkinky is well worth checking out too. Very appropriate: 5 Reasons You Should Try Spanking

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