Classified Schoolgirl Set and Spanking Fantasies

 27/12/2016    costume

We've had our eye on this Lovehoney Classified Schoolgirl Set for quite some time and were delighted with our decision to order it, especially while we had a 25% off voucher code. It's very saucy, whilst clearly leaning towards a more realistic style of fancy dress outfit. Think role play rather than themed lingerie, but feel rest assured that you'll be feeling anything but innocent whilst wearing it!

In Steve's study a single chair stands against the wall. On the ground beside it, near the proverbial naughty corner, a lone cushion awaits. This is to be another enactment of a well rehearsed ritual, laid down from time immemorial. First there is the anticipation, followed by the sweetly arousing sting of palm or paddle, and finally a few moments of quiet reflection in the corner. The warm tingle of a freshly spanked bottom will slowly begin to subside, but the arousal continues to grow.

At the sound of approaching footsteps on the old oak floor, the butterflies in your tummy begin to flutter, the heart races. Is that even a slight tremble in your fingers as you slowly raise the hem of your dress, exposing silken lace panties that you should know fine well are certainly not part of the mandated school uniform policy! Your partner guides you gently over their lap, with the inevitable shuffling wriggle as they assist in manoeuvring your delicately exposed bottom into the perfect spanking position, raising your toes a few inches above the floor. The fun is about to begin...

We purchased this Lovehoney Classified Schoolgirl Set in November 2016 and it was everything we hoped it would be. Schoolgirl outfits are obviously a popular choice; the heady blend of faux-innocence and the promise of even greater excitement to follow. For us, this outfit in particular seemed to capture the spirit of naughty St Trinian's style schoolgirls. Not revealing too much at first and yet, in it's own way, it seemed even more titillating than the more overtly sexy schoolgirl outfits that are available.

The breakdown of the costume is as follows:

  • Straw boater hat
  • White blouse
  • Silk-effect school tie
  • Dark blue pinafore dress (slightly stretchy)
  • Dark blue stockings (mid-thigh length)

You'll simply need to add shoes to complete the outfit, and knickers are optional, of course! Our preference has been to go with smart, patent leather dolly shoes. But, it would dress up equally well with high heels, and that might lend the whole ensemble a slightly more mature and cheekier nuance.

In the photo above we see that the Judy "triplets" are in trouble once again! Judy 1 nurses her well deserved sore bottom, whilst conveniently showing the back view of the outfit. Judy 2 demonstrates the outfit in its most natural habitat, pleated skirt raised to expose the mid-thigh navy stockings, and a spanking is about to get underway. Judy 3 awaits her turn, although one suspects she may be rather more excited than nervous!

It's a lovely outfit, from figure-hugging navy pinafore dress, to the rather cheeky stockings. The white blouse is short and tight, buttoned up the front, and the tie is a decent quality full length tie. For best effect we tied it fairly short and concealed the longer, narrow end of the tie inside the dress. The hat quality is fairly good, maybe not for Ladies Day at the races - but perfectly fit for purpose.

In summary we're very happy to say that the Classified Schoolgirl Set is a fabulous addition to our toy box. In conceals enough that it would be fine as a saucy fancy dress outfit in a vanilla scenario, but it still reveals enough to leave you feeling like a very naughty girl. If you enjoy a bit of spanking role play, or just like to act like a bratty tease (or even if you just attend a lot of fancy dress parties) we highly recommend this outfit.

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