Lovehoney Fantasy Deluxe French Maid Outfit Revisited

 04/11/2019    costume

We first reviewed this Lovehoney Deluxe French Maid Costume almost exactly one year ago and it has remained one of our favourites.

Along with saucy cosplay uniforms in the style of nurses and schoolgirls, French Maids must surely be one of the most popular of all role-play outfits. The style is based around the tradition of a black dress with a white apron, but naturally this outfit is rather more spicy than that.

By the way, if you would like a few suggestions for naughty French banter, dust off your Allo Allo box-set to help you fine tune your accent, and try:

  • Oooo là là.
  • I don't speak French... but I do kiss that way.
  • Oh René!

And now let's take a look at the role-play outfit itself...

The dress is a glossy black satin, the fabric feels great and the stitching and seams all appear to be well finished. The skirt is open at the back to expose a built in, lace trimmed petticoat, and the combination of contrasting white satin and black lace is gorgeous.

The dress is obviously very short, and of course that's a good thing, so you will probably want to pair it with some sexy knickers and stockings. Here I've gone for fishnet holdup tights - I think the look goes well with the outfit and it avoids frustration with fiddly suspender catches. I've always been a big fan of Lovehoney Flirty Black Lace Shorts too, and the black lace compliments the outfit perfectly.

Black heels are an essential not-to-be-missed accessory. The outfit itself already comes with a satin headband, but other ways to dress the outfit up would be:

The front of the outfit features a cheeky little white apron that's very much in keeping with the French Maid theme. Above the apron are some cute lace-up ribbon and lace details.

The skirt has a built in frilly petticoat that helps flare out the (very short!) dress in a delightfully cheeky way!

The black, shiny satin of the dress is nicely contrasted with sexy frill trim around the neckline and sleeves. At the waist, a white ribbon fastens in a bow (at the back) and you can use this to help cinch in the waistline.

No stockings are included, and you will most definitely want to add some, since no self respecting French maid would be seen around the house without her fishnets! The one's I'm wearing for the photos are no longer available, but try something like these:

And finally, when you're looking as naughty as this, don't blame me if the master of the house cannot resist putting you over his knee for some sexy spanking fun!

This deluxe fantasy French Maid outfit comes from Lovehoney. We've had it just over one year, it's certainly seen some action, and it still looks fab! ;-) x


We've been looking at the Lovehoney Fantasy Deluxe French Maid Costume. Check out this role-play costume and similar items here: Lovehoney Maid Outfits.

In conclusion, I'll leave you with this Japanese cafe culture phenomena of No-pan Kissa... the ingredients are simple. French Maids, mirrored floors, and no panties!! ;-)

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