Sexy Schoolgirl Uniform Ideas from Mainstream Movies

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In this article I'm taking a look at mainstream movies featuring a variety of school uniforms that you can use to inspire your own sexy schoolgirl role-play costumes.

I'm sure nobody reading this blog would question the popularity of sexy adult schoolgirl fancy dress costumes. Whether you choose a dedicated purveyor of sexy lingerie, like Lovehoney, or simply a mainstream highstreet fancy dress shop, you have an almost endless choice of ready-made costumes. If you want something a little different you can easily put together your own costume, making it as realistic or as saucy as you like.

Personally my first purchase was the Lovehoney Classified Schoolgirl Set, which I've already reviewed here. Over time I've accessorised it. An enamel "head girl" badge from Amazon, traditional pelerine school socks from Tesco, a more formal white blouse from Cotton Trader. Since we tend to role-play some quite specific scenarios I also added some modest, white cotton panties. Attention to small details can make such a difference because reporting to the headmaster's office in outrageous, provocative underwear can only lead to more trouble. Maybe that's exactly what some young ladies want... or so I've heard! ;-)

That's how we've arrived at the idea for this new blog post. If you're seeking inspiration for your schoolgirl role-play costumes I've collected together a few of my favourite movies that feature several different styles of school uniform. Be reassured there are no spoilers here; we're just looking at the outfits.

And so, where else could I possibly begin... of course it has to be the St Trinian's movies! ;-)

Please note: there are links to the Lovehoney range of schoolgirl outfits throughout this article (and several other suppliers too) but I'm sure you'll find these an excellent starting point. Click any of the images below to start you dressing-up fun.

Blue Murder at St. Trinian's (1957)

Blue Murder (wiki) is the second of the original series of St Trinian's films. Flash Harry (George Cole) has set up a marriage agency for the sixth-formers and it transpires that an Italian prince might be brave enough to marry one of them.

This is the iconic St Trinian's look. A dark (probably navy) pinafore style dress, white blouse with stripy tie, and some decidedly non-regulation stockings and heels. In these films a sash is worn at the waist, presumably in their house colours, although I couldn't tell you for certain in black and white. This outfit is by far the easiest starting point because it appears to be the inspiration for this Classified Schoolgirl Set.

You can see more of my St Trinian's style Lovehoney outfit in this spanking photo-story: Schoolgirl Judy in the Headmaster's Study.

It's timeless, it's perfect, and if you only want a single schoolgirl costume, I'd start with this one.

St. Trinian's (2007)

In 2007 the St Trinian's franchise was revived. (wiki) Some might take issue with my choice of the word "revived", but there you go!

Leaving aside the quality of the plot, there is still plenty of uniform inspiration to be had. The iconic St Trinian's pinafore dress is still in attendance, but the styles are less consistent than we saw in the 1950's incarnation. We are also seeing a mix of plaid mini-skirts, tank-top style jerseys and classic mini-skirt / blouse combinations. The stripy tie is one symbol that has remained universal, but some might take issue with their knots.

Alongside my earlier shopping recommendation, it's time to add two more options.

Sister Fun Bunny is a British supplier with an almost mind-boggling collection of school style mini-skirts. Flat fronted, pleated, half-pleated, box-pleated, elasticated, wrap-around, plain, plaid, tartan, school style, gym style, knee length, short, mini, or even micro-mini... you name it, you'll find it here! Her prices are very reasonable too, and the sizing is flexible.

However, if you want to add school style jerseys, cardigans or blazers, you might also want to take a look at School Uniform 24-7. They are a mainstream uniform supplier who also provide some adult sizing.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969)

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, (wiki) Maggie Smith play's the title role, is set in 1930's Edinburgh. The uniforms here are austere and traditional, and you'll probably need to consider a more specialist supplier to find a similar style of authentic, pleated gymslips.

Based in the UK, Albert Prendergast supply exactly this style of uniform, along with accessories. Their catalogue of work includes supplying costumes for "The Windsors" and "Gotham", and a brief look at their website will confirm their credentials. Quality doesn't come cheap, but if authenticity is what you crave, you will not easily find better.

Since posting this article yesterday, we spotted that Albert Prendergast actually supplied grey gymslips for a theatre production of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Click here for more info.

The images here show Pamela Franklin confronting Miss Brodie.

The uniform consists of a long sleeved white blouse with striped tie. Remember that Miss Brodie obviously won't stand for rolled sleeves! Add to this a formal grey gymslip, a coloured sash belt, black stockings and sensible shoes.

An Education (2009)

Jumping forward 40 years, Carey Mulligan put in a stellar performance in the coming of age movie An Education. (wiki) She was 24 when the film was released, but there's no denying she was able to capture the 1960's schoolgirl look perfectly. If this is closer to the look you're going for, I'd start with School Uniform 24-7.

I promised no spoilers and will say nothing about the film - apart from to say that you should watch it, if you haven't already.

Emma Thompson plays the school's headmistress, and whilst this might be straying a little away from my school uniform theme, I found her wood panelled office to be highly evocative; see image below. I feel certain there must be a crooked handled school cane discreetly poised amongst her furnishings.

I don't think it's a spoiler to say there's no corporal punishment in this movie (or indeed any of the others in this article) but, if you look closely, in some of the classroom scenes there appears to be a cane hanging on the corner of the blackboard.

Summer uniforms are traditionally more casual and even easier to put together.

Here a short sleeved polo style shirt is combined with a light grey miniskirt and grey socks. Personally I would prefer this with a slightly more formal short sleeved blouse and a loosely fastened tie to cement the 'look', but it's entirely personal preference.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

Sarah Michelle Gellar was at her naughtiest best in Cruel Intentions. (wiki) Without saying too much, a central premise of the movie is that most of the events take place prior to the start of the school term.

In the photo above she is seen with Reese Witherspoon. This scene comes towards the end of the movie.

In another small aside, if you have any problem persuading your husband or boyfriend to watch this film with you, you might like to mention the scene above where Miss Gellar persuades the virginal Selma Blair to indulge in some intimate "first base" kissing practice in Central Park.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

Not all schoolgirls are sweet and innocent, and never has that been better illustrated than by Chiaki Kuriyama in the role of Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill: Vol 1.

It's a popular cosplay outfit and is available in sets, or you could easily combine a pleated plaid skirt, blazer and blouse with a compact bowknot tie, white socks and white plimsolls.

The flail style chain weapon is known as a "Meteor Hammer" and apparently is an actual thing. Many opponents would probably be so distracted by her outfit that they will never see it coming!

D.E.B.S. (2004)

Another movie that was never going to be destined for the Oscars is D.E.B.S. (wiki) Think sexy schoolgirls crossed with ninja assassin versions of Charlie's Angels. Oh yeah! :-)

The movie features Meagan Good, Jill Ritchie, Devon Aoki, and Sara Foster as the titular D.E.B.S. What the movie lacks in plot and believability, it more than makes up for in extremely naughty uniforms and a sorority house whose walls are festooned with wooden spanking paddles!

Sister Fun Bunny would be your perfect starting point if this is the look you're going for.


I hope you enjoyed my uniform roundup.

For some of our favourite role-play uniform ideas, try these schoolgirl outfits from Lovehoney.

If you're looking for realism, and are prepared to pay a little extra for top quality uniforms, Albert Prendergast supply some truly authentic and vintage outfits.

For a balance between realism and sexy fantasy, you'll find a delightful selection of outfits from Sister Fun Bunny.

And along similar lines, School Uniform 24-7 supply a selection of their clothing in adult sizes; some authentic, some leaning slightly towards the naughtier side.

And finally, AliExpress are great for a bargain, provided you're not in a hurry. Postage is mostly free, but remember that shipping from China typically takes about a month. If you like the Japanese style uniform from Kill Bill, visit the AliExpress page and search for the phrase: "Kill Bill Gogo Yubari Uniform Cosplay".

In no time at all, just like the girls of D.E.B.S, you too can have your sexy schoolgirl outfit ready to go! ;-)

If you are longing to take your school fantasy into the realm of a strict visit to the headmaster's office (or headmistress if you prefer) we highly recommend Ouch UK for their quality leather straps, tawses and paddles.

To complete the traditional English headmaster look with some school canes, try Trussed or Quality Control.

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