Lovehoney Fantasy Deluxe French Maid Costume

 05/09/2018    costume

This sexy Lovehoney fantasy costume is maid for thrills and its semi-realistic styling makes it great for naughty French Maid role play.

A saucy French maid outfit holds a timeless appeal and it's hard to think of a more overtly saucy uniform motif. The classic image is of a young lady in short black dress with white apron, and a feather duster is an almost essential prop. But, before we launch into our review, I decided to quickly round-up three of my favourite portrayals from movies and television.

Where else could we begin but with the characters of Yvette and Maria from Allo Allo. Admittedly they were actually waitresses, but apart from the black dress almost no other French Maid cliche is left unchecked. More recently, consider Moira O'Hara from season 1 of American Horror Story; sultry and seductive (when she chooses to be!) and insanely naughty. And a final choice, from the often underrated movie Clue, 1985. Yvette's eye-boggling cleavage will also ensure you have no difficulty persuading your other-half to sit down and enjoy the movie with you! ;-)

In this blog post we're taking a close up look at this item:

And so, on with our review of this sexy outfit...

Looking through the choice of roleplay outfits at Lovehoney or any other retailer, there is always a range of realism from ultra skimpy lingerie, to semi-realistic uniforms that you can get away with at a reasonably broad minded fancy dress party. Schoolgirl outfits, for example, range from nothing but a tartan micro-mini-skirt and clip-on tie, to moderately modest St Trinian's style attire.

Here's our earlier review of the Classified Schoolgirl Set. Beautiful for some very saucy schoolgirl mischief. I think you'd better report to the Headmaster at once! ;-)

This French Maid outfit falls towards the latter end of that spectrum. You could certainly get away with this outfit at Halloween or on a fancy dress night out.

Essentially there are just two elements to the outfit. The dress is a single piece, black satin, and the apron is stitched on (along the top edge only, giving it some movement) and there's a wide white ribbon that fastens in a bow above your bum. It looks great and allows you to cinch the dress in a little at the waist. There's also a lace up ribbon at the front, mostly just decorative, but it can be adjusted and tightened a little.

There is a mesh tutu type of arrangement that creates some nice flaring of the skirt, and it looks nicely layered, despite actually being a single piece.

The second item is a plastic headband with white satin details that is intended to represent a maid's lace hat. It's quite cute, but I can't say I was particularly impressed and I didn't add it to the ensemble on this occasion.

The V neck is cut low to be nicely revealing. At 34B I'm unlikely to achieve the kind of cleavage of Yvette in the movie Clue that I alluded to above, but I found the fit to be very complimentary.

At the back, the dress splits, revealing a section of white petticoat with lovely black lace details. Perhaps it's worth noting that this detail doesn't run entirely around the skirt, just in the visible triangle at the back, but that really doesn't detract from what is a beautifully sexy detail.

Finally, you might want to accessorise with some stockings and (if you feel it's really necessary) some knickers! Black lace, or maybe something more frilly? I wore neither for the photos above, but if I had, I'd have been tempted to choose black-lace boyshorts with built in suspenders, and it would have to be fishnets!

If you like the look of the outfit, check it out over at Lovehoney. It has the seal of approval from me and the hubby! x


We've been looking at the Lovehoney Fantasy Deluxe French Maid Costume. In summary it's no exaggeration to say I'm delighted with this purchase.

It's a lovely item for foreplay and vanilla teasing, but if you're familiar with the rest of our blog (and some of our photo-stories in particular) you'll easily be able to see how well this costume will integrate into some domestic discipline fantasies! :-)

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