Schoolgirl Judy in the Headmaster's Study

 26/06/2018    spanking

Once again, Schoolgirl Judy finds herself summoned to the Headmaster's study, but this time he doubts whether a mere spanking will suffice.

"Here at the Hardwood Academy," the Headmaster, Dr Bernie Bottomley began, "we believe in the old adage of letting the punishment fit the crime."

Although his tone was stern, these words came across as somewhat reassuring to Judy who had been standing nervously in front of the wide desk and was all too aware of the pair of implements that were lying in what seemed like an abominably casual display before her.

After all, her latest "crime" of being overheard sharing lewd jokes with her classmates was certainly one of her more minor infractions of school decorum.

"Of course," he mused, "there have been occasions, particularly with one or two more recalcitrant young ladies of my acquaintance, where one must take into account not merely the severity of the specific offence, but also the frequency with which such matters are brought to my attention."

Judy was uncertain what "recalcitrant" was supposed to mean, but now did not seem like a good time to be asking. Dr Bottomley rose from his seat with a familiar and ominous beckoning of his finger. As she leaned forward, she felt the gentle pressure of his hand guiding her fingers to the far edge of his broad desk.

"I think you are probably familiar with the routine Judy."

"Yes Sir," she replied with doleful resignation. She knew the routine all too well and assumed the time honoured position, her forearms flat on the desk and her bottom poised at the perfect height for the application of his right hand.

Finding herself at full stretch over the wide tabletop, her thighs were taut, and as he paced around the desk it was obvious to her that that her rather short dress had risen up, exposing the leg elastic of her stretched white knickers.

With unhurried care, almost casually, Dr Bottomley began to raise the dress still further. The soft fabric breezing across her knickers so lightly that it almost tickled her bottom. She drank in the sensation and savoured the tingle of goosebumps that washed up the centre of her back. She knew that if her past experiences in this office were anything to go by, the next sensations would be anything but gentle!

"Begin at the beginning and go on until you come to the end: then stop," the Headmaster declared in a moment of indulgent melodramatics. "In a brief excursion down the Hardwood Academy disciplinary rabbit hole, I will do my utmost to persuade you that obedience to school rules and maintaining the highest standards of decorum at all times, will always be by far your wisest strategy."

"Yes Sir."

"Let us commence lesson one. This is the mildest sanction available to us, in which I apply the flat of my hand to the seat of your pants! Whilst not so severe as some other forms of discipline, nevertheless you will find that two or three dozen firm spanks across your knickers will accomplish a most memorable and prolonged sting, and for some girls this will represent a more than adequate deterrent."

True to his word, his right hand was brought to bear upon the cheeks of her bottom. With even pacing and unwavering rigour, her rump was rapidly transitioned from everyday cool to an electrifying sting that pulsated and prickled.

The spanking, though brisk and penetrating, had so far been much shorter than in her previous encounters with the Headmaster. But, knowing far better than to take any hope from this, she was well aware that he was just getting started.

"That, Judy, is lesson one in today's disciplinary journey. So whilst many of our girls here at Hardwood find the short sharp shock of a thorough spanking is enough to set them back on the path of appropriate behaviour, unfortunately there are exceptions to every rule."

"Whenever the message does not appear to be getting through, additional steps must be taken and so we move onto lesson two. If being summoned to my office to feel the palm of my hand across the seat of your pants is not a sufficient deterrent, we can remove the pants and get directly to the seat of the matter!"

Hooking his index fingers into the waistband, he stretched the elastic back and down. Judy felt nervous butterflies in her tummy and felt herself wince slightly as her blushing bottom cheeks became fully exposed.

"It's true that with your knickers pulled down around your thighs," the Headmaster continued his pontificating, "you'll feel that the sting of my hand is somewhat more intense. But, the true sting will be to your pride, as you begin to contrast your position as a senior student, Head Girl no less, and how very unbecoming it is to have your bare bottom exposed and about to receive an even more thorough spanking!"

"I completely agree Sir! I do remember from last time, and I really don't think I need another demonstration!"

"Oh, I think you do Judy. I definitely think you do!"

Before she could protest further, Dr Bernie Bottomley unleashed a second salvo of spanks upon Judy's bared cheeks.

"Okay, okay, I get the message!" But as if spurred on by this impertinent interjection, the headmaster's reply came as a burst of spanks that dotted from cheek to cheek so rapidly that the sensation blended into a sustained and throbbing sting.

"And so, as we prepare for lesson three, I would like you to consider what you have learned so far. Feel the heat from your sore bottom and ask yourself whether it would be better to modify your behaviour to avoid such experiences in the future."

"I definitely will Sir, I think you've made the lesson perfectly clear."

"I wish I could believe that, but I fear we have been here before Judy. I've listened to your assurances that you will not misbehave in future and yet we find ourselves back in this position once more. It tells me quite clearly that we will have to move on to lesson three, and another of the various sanction that are available to us; the small leather tawse."

Judy had heard tales from her friends about this deceptively sized implement, and how it's sting was immeasurably greater that its innocuous appearance might suggest.

After just two whacks of the hard leather across her already stinging bottom, she began to fully understand its reputation, and by her silent count of "six" she felt herself tense up at every raising of his hand.

"Four more Judy. Remain in your position!"

The sharpness of its bite was focused first on one cheek, then the other, it's twin tails licking around the curve of her cheeks. She longed to rub her bottom, desperate to ease the hot smarting sensations, but very wisely she remained in the Headmaster's prescribed position.

"Now that you are feeling this sharper sting across your bottom, I hope you are beginning to learn that it's not wise to buck the system young lady? Not if you take consequences into account. You will find that wisdom is all about anticipation of the consequences."

"Yes Sir, I promise. And this time I actually do mean it!"

There was a long moment of silence while Dr Bottomley appeared to weigh these latest assurances.

"Certainly I am very pleased to hear that Judy, but you must appreciate that we have had very similar conversations before." As he spoke he laid the tawse back onto his desk and slowly, purposefully, drew the crooked handled cane from its resting place.

"And therefore, I'm sorry to have to tell you that we have come to our fourth and final lesson for today."

As the cold and slender rod rested against the upward curve of her bottom, Judy felt a tremble of nervous anticipation. Never before had she felt the harsh cut of the cane and she braced herself, not wishing to give the Headmaster any satisfaction from further protests.

"On this occasion it will be four strokes Judy, but if we find ourselves back here again you can count on it being eight! I can assure you that a regulation school cane delivers a most distinctive and memorable lesson for the young lady whose bottom is in its firing line."

Tap, tap, tap, his slow and pedantic aiming continued.

"The sting of the cane, and the red stripes it leaves across your cheeks, will last for quite some time, but I am confident that the experience you take away from my office today will be a very valuable lesson for you. I hope you are ready for this Judy."

He introduced no further theatrics, no ritualised counting and "thank-you, sir" routine. Each stroke came announced only by a high-pitched swoosh that terminated with the pistol crack of impact and an almost simultaneous cry of "Ouch!".

In the long intervals between strokes, Judy felt the first shock of intense sting momentarily ebb before erupting in a deeper, more burning sting that throbbed and smarted across her bottom.

It was only four strokes, but her cheeks felt ablaze in a manner quite unlike the spankings that she was already painfully familiar with. The intensity had been building with each impact and she considered with dismay that his threats of "count on it being eight" next time would probably leave her unable to sit down!

"I really am very sorry Sir, and it won't happen again," she promised, embracing him somehow innocently, in spite of the fact her knickers were still bunched around the middle of her thighs.

"That's good Judy, and I'm very pleased to hear it. Now straighten up your uniform and please try to ensure that we do not require a repeat performance."

Once he had watched Judy depart, her outrageously short dress swaying cheekily behind her very well warmed posterior, the headmaster returned to his desk and considered. Somehow, in spite of her very sincere sounding assurances, he knew it would not be long before their paths would cross again.

Had anyone been in his office to observe, they would have witnessed a brief and wicked grin cross his lips before he picked up his pen and resumed working on his Board Meeting notes...

In Conclusion...

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