Schoolgirl Judy and the Uniform Violation

 19/05/2018    spanking

Schoolgirl Judy ditches her uniform and goes casual for a study period, but decides to study outdoors, in the sunshine, on the lawn, with her eyes closed.

Schoolgirl Judy and the Uniform Violation

Judy's sense of relief at being led back to the Teacher's Common Room, rather than facing another visit to the Headmaster's Study, quickly proved to be very short-lived.

Alone with Dr Bernie Bottomley, the recently appointed Head of the Hardwood Academy, she was struck by the horrible realisation that at any moment another teacher could enter the common room between classes and witness the humiliating spectacle of her being soundly spanked over the arm of the sofa.

Caught sunbathing during a Study Period, Judy had been inadvisedly seduced by the bright sunshine, foolishly foregoing her regulation school uniform and had encamped beside some low birch trees behind the library, just out of sight from the main school buildings.

We last encountered Judy in her adult schoolgirl persona in our photo-story Schoolgirl Judy and the Full Moon. The photography also features this sexy Lovehoney schoolgirl outfit: Classified Schoolgirl Set.

The impact of Dr Bottomley's right hand, already familiar to Judy, penetrated her skintight denim shorts and the sting rang out, reverberating like the startling chime of a bell, only to be rhythmically renewed by another spank before the ringing sting ever had chance to diminish.

Only half an hour previously, she had embarked on her sunny escapade with every intention of studying, but taking the opportunity to also enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Judy had nevertheless taken a moment to relax on the warm, dry grass, and had closed her eyes whilst breathing in the warm summer air. The sound of birds and insects blended with the distant drone of traffic and just the lightest stirring of a breeze rustled the leaves above her, creating a dancing, dappling light where she sat.

But right now, the only breeze she felt was the swift waft of the Headmaster's right palm as it swept on it's inevitable course towards the seat of her pants! Its rapid series of journeys was punctuated by the thunderclaps of impact after impact, and a deep-seated sting that rumbled on and on.

It was her tutor, Mark Sparingly, who had spied her from the library window. Had she actually been studying, the incident might even have passed unreported, but seeing her out of uniform and lying back beneath the tree, her eyes closed, he had little choice but to respond.

"I think," the Headmaster's voice cut harshly across her reverie, "that we can dispense with the shorts." And with a deft flick of thumb and forefinger he loosed the press-stud fastener and drew the shorts clear of Judy's blushing bottom.

There in the idyllic shelter of the library lawn, perhaps she had lightly dozed off for the briefest of moments. Then, at the exact moment when she was just about to begin studying the voice of her tutor had jolted her awake. He had a reputation as one of Hardwood's more lenient staff members, but there were some behaviour that simply could not be ignored.

Feeling her shorts pulled down and her bottom bared, Judy's tone of voice declared that she was now feeling anything but relaxed. "You've got no right to be doing this here! I'm Head Girl, I'm too big for a spanking, and I don't want to be where a teacher could wander in and take a pervy look at my backside!"

But, as if in retort, the Headmaster unleashed a barrage of very firm spanks that stunned the insolent girl almost into silence. Almost, because the cheekiness of her complaint was immediately replaced by the sound of barely stifled gasps and intermittent howls of protest.

After kindly but firmly admonishing the lack of attention to study, and also her lack of high-factor sunscreen, Mr Sparingly had marched her back to the noticeboard outside the teachers' common room so that he could reassure himself that this was a legitimate study period, and that she was not skipping a class.

Unfortunately for her, what Judy now very reluctantly found herself studying was the Headmaster's technique for administering a very thorough spanking to an errant pupil's backside! As the decisive impacts fell, she felt her denim shorts losing their already tenuous grip around her upper thighs. Slipping first to her knees, it took a mere three further spanks to send them tumbling to her ankles.

A perfect storm had begun to build with a kind of dread inevitability. Dr Bottomley had, of course, emerged from the teacher's common room exactly at the moment Judy and Mr Sparingly examined her scheduled classes on the noticeboard timetable. Hearing a brief summary of the incident, he had taken charge and assured Judy's tutor that he would take over from here.

Her denim shorts had fallen quickly, but her tight silky panties gripped more snugly and it took a blistering assailment upon her bottom before they too lost their brief but tenacious hold, and slid to her ankles.

Only a few minutes earlier, Bernie Bottomley had showed he was man who believed action speaks louder than words, and after the briefest of scoldings in which he chided her for poor attitude and even poorer standards of uniform adherence, he had marched her into the teachers' common room and positioned her at the end of their sofa. She knew the drill and was in little doubt as to what would swiftly follow.

Now, back in the present moment and finding herself at a brief pause in the proceedings, Judy wisely kept her position whilst she saw the headmaster rolling up his sleeve, no doubt in preparation for what would be the grandest of finales. Right on cue, he threw his weight behind a rapid progression of spanks that gave her the impression that a bonfire had been ignited within her quivering bottom.

"I hope you have profited from this lesson," Dr Bottomley finally declared. "Let me assure you that it gives me no pleasure to be forced to administer such regular spankings to a senior girl such as yourself, but you absolutely will learn that the Hardwood Academy is a place of learning excellence and these lax shenanigans will not be tolerated."

Feeling herself guided to her feet by a suddenly far more gentle hand upon her shoulder, and glancing around to reassure herself that they were still alone, Judy stood with an expression of subdued contrition. Suddenly, and without warning she threw her arms around the Headmaster and embraced him, drawing her supple, athletic body tightly against his.

So surprised was he by this entirely unexpected gesture, his right hand (that had previously been so busily branding its fiery sting upon Judy's bared cheeks) now fell in a highly inappropriate fashion against her bottom. Without consciously intending to do so, he felt his strong fingers dig into her well warmed seat.

Before he had time to step back from this highly improper moment of intimacy, Judy's hand glided around his hip and expertly came to rest below his trouser flies.

"Sir!" she exclaimed, open mouthed in horror. "What on earth...? I really hope that you haven't been finding excuses to smack my bottom under false pretenses!"

Her hand tentatively stroked along the prominent bulge that quite evidently swelled within his suit trousers. She heard him gasp, perhaps in surprise, but instinctively she had sensed a twinge of pleasure, and watched as he hurriedly stepped back and pointed impatiently at her shorts and panties that still lay bunched around her ankles, trying desperately to regain his composure.

"Judy! I am surprised at you! Pull up your panties and get yourself dressed this instant. I've had my concerns about your behaviour previously, but let me tell you right now - these types of lewd and lascivious acts will not be tolerated at the Hardwood Academy."

With a barely suppressed and obviously knowing smile, she unhurriedly bent and replaced her panties, delicately straightening the elastic over the prickly warmth of her undeniably very sore bottom, before leisurely pulling up her shorts.

"I can see," the Headmaster continued, "that in future, sterner discipline may be required to address your behaviour young lady! I suggest you bear that in mind and apply a more conscientious attitude to your studies, and also to our school uniform policy."

Sensing that whilst she had perhaps won a small victory by revealing a chink in the Headmaster's armour, she knew it would be ill advised to push her luck still further. She hurried away to change back into her regulation school uniform. From the hot, buzzing sting that filled her tight denim shorts, she reflected that the best policy would be to do any future tanning on holiday only, and certainly not during school hours...


Hope you enjoy this fantasy scenario, between consenting adults, in which no bottoms were (seriously!) harmed. ;-) We had our doubts about the ending, but the improvised photoset came before the story, and because we liked the photos we wanted to work them into the story. By all means leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Schoolgirl Judy would normally be more properly attired in a Lovehoney Classified Schoolgirl Set and I'll be back in it next time, assuming I've learned my lesson! If you enjoy spanking and discipline roleplay, take a look through the Spanking Category of our blog, and if you are in search of top quality, realistic implements, check out the link below to Ouch-UK.

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