Judy Gets the Birch in a Babydoll

 21/07/2018    spanking

What appeared at first glance to have been an arty (and slightly pretentious!) table decoration, turns out to have a very stingy alternative purpose.

This little tale begins when my other-half suddenly seemed to have begun taking an interest in handicrafts. Specifically, fourteen slender and flexible twigs, bundled together with tape and jute twine, then tied with a shiny blue ribbon. A rather bland substitute for my usual flower arrangements, or so I thought, but I suppose perhaps it might have looked nice if it was decorated with a few miniature LED lights.

"What the hell is that supposed to be?" I demanded, my tone probably reflecting that I did not particularly want it on my dinner table.

The outfit I'm wearing is this item: Escante Blue Halterneck Lace Babydoll Set. It comes from Lovehoney and I have to say that I rather like it! ;-)

With hindsight I suppose, maybe I could have acted a little more supportive towards his peculiar arts and crafts, but when his grasp of floristry had never extended far beyond a few daffodils from the local supermarket, his sudden attempt at what appeared to be a kind of designer twig spray for home decor, I was understandably a little taken aback.

I guess I must have touched a sore nerve in criticising his twiggy handicrafts, and it was clear that it would soon be me who was the sore one! Without further preliminary, I found myself in the time honoured position, leaning well forward over a high-backed leather stool.

His right palm quickly set to work, his firm right hand peppering my cheeks with one spank after another.

For the better part of two minutes my bottom was stirred by his lively application of a very thorough spanking. Little did I know that this was merely a warm-up!

"I trust that I am beginning to make myself clear?" he queried.

The message was certainly hitting home, literally as well as figuratively.

"But all I'm saying," I protested, "is that we already have a nice bunch of flowers in a vase, and I don't understand why you have gone to so much trouble over a useless bunch of twigs!"

"Oh really," he retorted. "Perhaps you would like to see for yourself just how 'useless' it happens to be?"

There was something about his confident, knowing tone, that led me to believe there was more to this than met the eye.

"I think I've seen all I need to," I replied, perhaps a little too hesitantly as the first doubts crept into my voice.

"Well, quite frankly I think it's only fair that we have a little demonstration. And, there's no need for you to stand up yet!"

My curiosity as to why a "demonstration" could possibly be required, was answered before I even had time to open my mouth. With the whisper of moving air and the delicate chatter of twig against twig, I felt his unfamiliar implement come to rest on my tingling bot, rhythmically marking out time with a soft, suggestive tapping.

Suddenly it was absent for extended pause between its almost clockwork regular taps.

Equally suddenly, its absence was followed by a loud swish that terminated in an unmistakably high-pitched 'whap!' as the fourteen whippy twigs wrapped themselves around my poor, poor cheeks.

All at once, sharp and enveloping, their bite was not so much dispersed, but felt somehow all encompassing. As each whippy twig whisked down, fourteen stings flared simultaneously.

His leisurely delivery that landed with carefully measured firmness might have looked rather tame to the casual observer, and yet the cumulative effect swelled and throbbed until my entire bottom felt immersed in a unique and exquisitely applied roasting.

But, it seemed he was not quite done.

Putting the twigs to one side, he withdrew his favourite mini-tawse from the rear pocket of his jeans. Its lightness and compact size ensured that, somehow, he always managed to keep that devilishly stingy instrument close at hand.

A light brush of tanned leather stroked across my seat. "Take aim, and...", I thought to myself, and prepared for the inevitable "Fire!"

With deft flicks of his forearm and wrist, that wicked implement added another dozen stinging stripes to my already hot and smarting backside.

"Well now, I think I can safely assume you no longer consider my homemade 'Birch' to be totally useless." Almost as an afterthought he added, "Technically it was a 'Beech' rather than a 'Birch' but I'm sure the effect is much the same!"

"Yes, I see," I replied obediently, but secretly vowing that it would very soon be making for some very useful kindling in our patio Chiminea!

My advice to you ladies is, if your husband ever asks "do you fancy the beech today", make sure you know if he's spelling that with a "double-E" or an "E-A". Hot, reddened skin might be one of the symptoms of both, but I can assure you that the cause is very, very different...

In Conclusion...

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