Sinful Sunday 420

 28/04/2019    photography

After a few months break, we're busting back into Sinful Sunday 420 with Hello Sinners in a homage to the 1994 poster slogan.

Hello Sinners

Has it really been 25 years since Miss Eva Herzigov√° caused many a man to become highly distracted by her appearance in the famously eye popping Wonderbra poster campaign?

Not being naturally graced with a bodice-busting cleavage, I rather enjoyed this strategic pose, and I love the exotic sparkly babydoll in its muted tones of purple. (We'll add a review to our blog in due course, and this is is item itself: Coquette Babydoll.) It's a very lightweight sheer fabric, sort of an Arabian Nights feel to it, but I hope it would have Aladdin wanting to rub more than just his lamp!! ;-)

We featured the item in a slow-mo spanking clip on Twitter a few weeks ago too. Take a look at "Floating" if that sort of thing sounds like it might float your carpet.

Keep an eye on our Twitter, @SteamyBedtime, for updates.

Sinful Sunday 420

Heave yourself over to Sinful Sunday 420 and say hello to the other sinners... lovely jubbly! xx

Sinful Sunday

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