The Best of SteamyBedtime 2019

 15/01/2020    photography

Before we get too far into January 2020, we thought it would be fun to pick out a selection of our favourite sexy photos from the last twelve months.

Welcome to this new-year round-up of our favourite photos from 2019... and by "favourite", we of course mean the sexiest and naughtiest photos from last year! You're going to find quite a few spankings pictured below - none of which I had done anything to deserve, I can assure you!

So... aaaanyway, let's start with this still from a private movie clip, featuring a wooden hairbrush and a plaid schoolgirl mini-skirt. I find wooden implements are always super-stingy and I was really feeling this one!

In November we were delighted to be asked to review this Oh La La Cheri Red Sheer Basque from Lovehoney. The photo below is the first from our photoset and felt really rather naughty! I enjoyed the subtle hints of artistic nude. Will you see more in 2020? You'll have to wait and see!

Of course, we couldn't resist a little spanking fun once the modelling was over, and so here we are with our next image that was taken on the same day, in the same outfit, shortly after filming a short movie featuring a monstrously oversized plimsoll, Spanked With a Size 13. (Small movie... huge plimsoll.)

We released that monster plimsoll video as a double-feature, alongside Traditional Bedtime Pyjama Spanking. This was very much a real, no nonsense spanking. No warm ups - just two dozen on pyjamas, two dozen on the bare!

And so, another day, another spanking. I honestly can't believe I actually deserved the hairbrush... again! Sometimes husbands can be so totally unreasonable about these old-fashioned traditions. I think this one comes from another private video clip, but we shared a couple of short snippets on Twitter; @SteamyBedtime.

And, in case you wondered, it's also an old fashioned tradition to sleep on your tummy on these occasions! ;-)

Back to the lingerie modelling for a few moments, and this is another item from Lovehoney, the Coquette Purple Mesh Babydoll. It's sheer and floaty, and trimmed with all sorts of metallic sparkles.

In some photographs is fun to focus on small details and this next image does just that. It was a submission to the weekly erotic photography collection, Sinful Sunday. The discarded school uniform and white cotton knickers tell their own story, even when you can really only see my traditional white school socks.

The actual scene comes from this short spanking movie, Bringing Down the House. It was about three days after a caning scene that we also filmed, and the marks from the headmaster's school cane are still "nicely" visible. It certainly helped make the spanking become even more ouchie!

And it's high time we mentioned that dratted headmaster, Dr Bernie Bottomley. I don't often behave badly enough to deserve the school cane, but this six-of-the-best left quite a lasting impression. I'll be on my best behaviour now sir, I promise! ;-)

Take a closer look at the photo below, the uniform is the Lovehoney Classified Schoolgirl Set, but the "head girl" badge has been given the Photoshop treatment. We have a template set up to alter this badge wording, so be sure to let us know if you have any hilarious suggestions.

Inevitably, naughty schoolgirls must always face the consequences, but I really don't think headmasters should be allowed to make a young lady strip totally naked while they smugly sit and watch! Nevertheless, that's exactly what happened to me in this short spanking movie, Spanked on the First Day of Term. After obediently taking off all my clothes I had to bend over his knee for another spanking!

And that same rotten headmaster got me again, this time in another of our spanking movies, Plaid Miniskirt Spanking. I like the sense of motion in this photo as he propels me across his lap.....

.....but unsurprisingly I did not enjoy the sense of motion in the still frame below, that's taken from the same movie, especially not after he pinned my legs and spanked my bare bottom!

We released that movie as a hot and sexy double-feature with Too Hot For Underwear, another "short and sharp" spanking video that we filmed during our equally "short and sharp" UK summer!

Taking a brief respite from all this spanking action, back in May we reviewed another Lovehoney outfit, the Exposed Wet Look Basque. I wonder if I would I make a good dominatrix? Form an orderly queue you naughty people!! ;-)

Of course, in the SteamyBedtime universe, it's not just schoolgirls who misbehave themselves and face the inevitable consequences. Naughty secretaries are equally likely to find themselves on the receiving end of a roasted behind, as I learned in another of our spanking movies, Spanked at Work - Spanked at Home.

And as the name suggests, naughty secretaries who get spanked at work by their boss can expect more of the same from their hubby when they get home... gulp!

All in all, it's not easy finding photos of my bottom in a pristine, un-spanked condition, but it does happen occasionally. This was more lingerie modelling, this time Lovehoney's Flirty Red Lace Boyshorts. Their "flirty" range of boyshorts are one of my favourites!

It's a rare sight, and of course it never lasts for long! The photo below focuses on the stingy aftermath of our short spanking movie, Plaid Miniskirt Spanking.

Going back almost to the beginning of 2019, I remember this next scene very well indeed. It was a fantasy role-play about a strict headmaster who also believes in spanking junior members of the teaching staff. This was an incredibly thorough spanking and I had an appointment shortly after - meaning a 30 minute car journey with my poor backside smarting like crazy!

And for my final picture, I've chosen another plimsoll scene. This is a still frame from our spanking movie, Judy's First Plimsoll Spanking.

Exactly as the title suggests, this was my first ever experience of a plimsoll spanking, captured for posterity (so to speak) on our Bentbox page.


I hope you enjoyed this picture round-up of 2019. We have more spanking movies planned for 2020 and it's been a while since we have featured any erotic rope bondage - and that's something we'll be revisiting too.

Stay tuned to our website and please do give us a follow on Twitter too.

Any thoughts or suggestions, please leave a comment below. We're very open to constructive feedback, so don't be shy - drop us a line!

Myself and Dr Bernie Bottomley wish you all the best for 2020! :-) xx

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