Sinful Sunday 408

 03/02/2019    spanking

Our submission to Sinful Sunday 408, The Colour of Innocence, is the final photograph of an unpublished set, in its own way, telling the whole story.

The Colour of Innocence

This image was part of a photo-set surrounding a fantasy roleplay scenario in which "schoolgirl" Judy's House Tutor learns that she has been sent to the headmaster for the cane... again! He decides to administer a pastoral spanking to illustrate how she has let both herself and her house down. Barely 48 hours after the caning, and with my bot still bruised, it gave a real edge to what would normally have been a rather mild smacked bottom!

That was the overview of this fantasy scene, and as the spanking progresses, and items of school uniform are slowly shed, this image depicts the closure. Facing the wall, stripped to just vest and socks, with a sore, red bottom on display; albeit out of shot in this view.

To me, this image of white school socks, along with discarded white knickers and white school blouse, tells the entire story of what went before.

We'll share the video in due course - it's a sensitive, very wriggly scene - the hubby thought this was all very cute! Easy for him to say!! ;-) Keep an eye on our Twitter, @SteamyBedtime, for updates.

Sinful Sunday 408

Get yourself over to Sinful Sunday 408, and do it 'white' away...

Sinful Sunday

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