Making An Impact

 30/12/2018    spanking

In this article we're taking a look at the "impact" shot in erotic hand-spanking photography, with ten of our favourites from the last couple of years.

We're taking a look back at a top-ten of our favourite moment-of-impact photographs, and what better place to start than our title image above. This comes from a photoset we used in our blog post Sinful Sunday 333 back in August 2017. In the post we highlight the work of the late, great photographer, Vic Barnes, who had sadly passed away earlier that year. Amongst many other things, Vic worked on the UK spanking magazine Janus, and pioneered these delicious "impact" shots.

The next image (above) is from a set we took to illustrate our Kink of the Week blog post in September 2017; the same post also features a slightly different treatment of our title image.

Headmasters seem to take school uniform policy rather too seriously for my liking! In the story Schoolgirl Judy and the Uniform Violation, this obsession with enforcing stupid rules is clearly demonstrated. ;-) The photo-set was from May 2018.

The image above comes from our photo-story, Schoolgirl Judy and the Full Moon, and I think one of our more dramatic captures! Also comes from May 2018.

And above, and it looks like May 2018 was a busy spanking month for us, we witness a new black and white treatment of a scene from The Cost of New Pyjamas, another of our spanking photo-stories.

Another spanking, another spanking photo-story, this time Sailor Girl Judy Spanked for Church Fete Misbehaviour. This story sees the hubby taking me to task for being naughty at a church fete over the summer - it was in June 2018.

Above is a scene from a Japanese rope bondage photo-set, where an impromptu spanking quickly ensued. The photos were spread between a couple of our blog posts, but this particular image is a new black and white treatment of a photograph we shared for Sinful Sunday 376, in June 2018.

In July 2018 we attempted to capture some impact shots using a traditional light spray birch. Timing proved rather tricky, although there were a couple of pretty good moments. The photo-story is Judy Gets the Birch in a Babydoll.

When we began putting this article together as a "top 10" list, we realised that we only had nine photo-sets that featured this style of hand-spanking impact, although we had several others featuring miscellaneous other implements. To keep things on track, this is the only new photo for this blog post, and we'll feature the rest of the scene in due course! It's untitled so far, but obviously comes from December 2018.

And finally, from one of my favourite photo-stories, shot in June 2018, this scene is from Schoolgirl Judy in the Headmaster's Study, featuring hand-spanking, a tawse and a school cane... ouch! ;-)


We hope you enjoyed this hand-spanking photography round up. If you'd like to see a follow up article with implement impacts (canes, straps, tawses, table tennis bats, and many more) leave us a comment below or give us a like/share on Twitter. Our handle is: @SteamyBedtime.

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