Sinful Sunday 380

 22/07/2018    spanking

Our submission to Sinful Sunday 380 is a black and white treatment of an image from a spanking photo-story that we published earlier in the week.

Babydoll Birching

If you have taken a look at any of our spanking themes photo-stories, you'll already have spotted that we are fans of the so called, "impact shot". This type of photograph is best captured with a high speed flash-head and, done correctly, freezes in time the exact moment of impact, be it a hand, paddle, or other implement. Having become reasonably adept at the timing required for this, we were curious how it would capture the impact of a birch style implement where multiple impacts are taking place almost (but not quite) simultaneously.

As it turns out, the best timing seems to be where you catch the tips of each stem just a fraction of a second after impact, and this photo was one of our favourites. I particularly like the way one stray twig has created its own impact, just a little higher than the rest.

If you'd like to see more of our photo-stories, take a look at the links above.

It's All About the Image

This is a black and white treatment of a photo from one of our spanking photo-stories, and was our first (but not last!) experimentation with a birch. Specifically a "beech", but not wanting to quibble!

The timing of the shot proved to be quite tricky, and most of the resulting images show what looks more like a single impact with the twigs springing quickly back into a tighter bunch. However, we were trying to capture the precise moment to show the all the individual, dispersed impacts. This shot is about the closest we managed on this occasion. Please do let us know what you think. :-)

Sinful Sunday 380

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Sinful Sunday

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