Sinful Sunday 358

 17/02/2018    kinbaku

You might recognise the ropework from our previous blog post, and this is an additional image that we chose not to include in that photo-set.

Bound With Desire

In our previous blog post we described a variation on another of our favourite ties, Crossed Hands Upper Body Tie. It's an easy and comfortable tie that seems to naturally lend itself to other fun! ;-)

We described this technique in our previous blog post: 07. Crossed Hands Upper Body Tie. And, the specifics of the crossed hands tie were described here: Crossed Double Column Tie.

Please forgive the mosaic effect, discretion is our preference, and if you have ever looked at vintage Japanese rope bondage erotica, the pixels might hold a certain sentimental charm.

The vibrator is one we've discussed before, most recently in this post: Desire Luxury Clitoral Vibrator Revisited. It's getting more use at present than any of our other toys; although the Magic Wand remains a very close second. Nice and compact, the shape is lovely, and I find it deceptively powerful. The rope is authentic, Japanese style rope (Okinawa Jute) from Esinem-Rope.

Regarding the photography, the image is composed of the base image, the mosaic effect, and a group of four masked layers, each with different types of blur; radial, zoom, motion and faux tilt-shift. Altering the transparencies and painting onto the masks has created the softness around the edges of the image. We also introduced a colour shift to create the cross-processing effect. I'm feeling quite pleased with the final image. :-)

You're bound to find plenty of other sinful photos over at Sinful Sunday 358... :-)

Sinful Sunday

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