06. Crossed Double Column Tie

 14/02/2018    kinbaku

For week 6 of our Kinbaku52 photo-project we are looking at our favourite tie for a crossed wrists double column tie.

Week 06 of 52 : Crossed Double Column Tie

In week 6 of our #kinbaku52 project we're using our currently preferred method for a crossed double column tie.

This post forms part of a personal photo-a-week project that we're calling #kinbaku52. We hope you find it entertaining, but please note that we are not qualified to give guidance or instruction. Seek in-person training from a professional, or try online courses such as those at ShibariClasses.

The technique is loosely based on the tutorial Yukimura Wrist Tie Mae-te from Yukinaga Max. We love his Vimeo channel, he teaches alongsideĀ his wife Tina, and whilst the tutorials are mostly quite short, they always seem to be having so much fun.

We begin with a single column tie, and we like to stick with a Somerville Bowline. In this tie, just a single wrap is fine. There's no load directly on the wrist and additional wraps will follow.

Make two wraps around both wrists, and be aware of where you intend to place the knot. An additional half wrap can be used (if needed) to shift the position of the knot around to the other side.

Tie off the bight with the working end of the rope to complete the tie.

Prior to learning this technique we'd been using a classic lashing style of tie for a crossed over double-column. That may be a more conventional approach, but we were never very happy with the aesthetic of it, and were delighted to discover this approach, based on a technique often used by Haruki Yukimura.


We've always tried to be cautious with YouTube and Vimeo tutorials. We do love the teaching of Yukinaga Max, but would still say that unless you can get to an actual class, it's worth backing-up your learning with longer, more formal tutorials from the likes of ShibariClasses.

Probably in common with many couples, we first began exploring rope bondage with basic Bondage Boutique Red Cotton Rope from Lovehoney. We were not unhappy with it, and found it to be a great starting point, but very soon we wanted to move to something more traditional and less stretchy. In all of the photos for this blog post we're using Okinawa Jute rope from Esinem-Rope. They supply beautiful sets of authentic Japanese style jute ropes.

This week we looked at a hands crossed double colmn tie, and next week we'll incorporate it into an improvised upper body tie.

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