07. Crossed Hands Upper Body Tie

 17/02/2018    kinbaku

In week 7 of our Kinbaku52 photo project we're using last week's crossed double column tie to form the basis of a simple upper body tie.

Week 07 of 52 : Crossed Hands Upper Body Tie

For week seven of our #kinbaku52 project we're using last week's crossed double-column tie to improvise an easy and comfortable upper body tie. One of our favourite online tutorials (so far!) has been Upper Body Ties Made Easy and this tie incorporates some of the ingredients from that course.

This post forms part of a personal photo-a-week project that we're calling #kinbaku52. We hope you find it entertaining, but please note that we are not qualified to give guidance or instruction. Seek in-person training from a professional, or try online courses such as those at ShibariClasses.

As with last week, we're basing this on the Yukinaga Max tutorial, Yukimura Wrist Tie Mae-te. I believe the "Mae-te" refers to "hands-in-front".

It's a secure but relatively comfortable tie, easy to maintain for a good period of time, and great fun if your partner wants to enjoy some very unhindered access. We certainly had lots of fun with it last night once the photography was out of the way! ;-)

The result is perhaps somewhat chaotic, but there's an underlying gote type structure to the tie and the wrap over the shoulder with frictions down to the elbow help keep the tie nice and snug.


This tie is built from ingredients we learned from Yukimura Wrist Tie Mae-te by Yukinaga Max, and from the ShibariClasses website, in particular Upper Body Ties Made Easy. If you like the look of this weeks photo, there's a good chance you'll enjoy the following tutorials:

In all the photos for this series we're using Okinawa Jute rope from Esinem-Rope.

We've been tying a hands crossed double column tie... coming up next week is one possible technique for adding a second column in the middle of another tie.

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