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We were keen to join in the current Kink of the Week, mainly because we couldn't resist the topic of Role Play, and our particular favourite, Headmaster and Schoolgirl.

Role Play: Headmaster and Schoolgirl

This is only our second Kink of the Week post, the previous one was dedicated to the subject of Hand Spanking, which admittedly quite often overlaps our personal preferences in Role Play. In this post we'll take a look at what is probably our favourite scenario of all... coming as a surprise to nobody, it's "Headmaster and Schoolgirl".

I am certain that role play can have many different meanings and interpretations. Speaking for ourselves, neither of us has a desire to get so hung up on the detail that what ought to be a fun "role play" ends up becoming a carefully choreographed three act play! Perhaps what we are looking at here should be termed role play lite, in which we adopt temporary personae to enjoy a kink outside of our everyday dynamic.

Take for example the theme of a punishment spanking for some supposed misdeed, versus an obviously sexualised erotic spanking. Your mileage may vary, but I believe there are benefits in stepping into an alternate role to act out such fantasies - and one of my favourites is "Schoolgirl Judy".

Role play schoolgirl uniform laid out on the bed.

Capturing the mood is important for me and the basis of my uniform is thisĀ Classified Schoolgirl Set which consists of a navy blue pinafore style dress, school shirt and tie, straw boater hat and stockings. It's fine on its own, but it's also been fun to accessorise with additional items from Amazon. We've added a classic "Head Girl" enamel badge, white pelerine socks, modest (fairly!) white panties and a very school-girly white vest.

Black heels have a nice and cheeky Carry On at St Trinian's kind of look, but patent leather dolly shoes seem more in keeping with the ensemble.

This layered approach to a role play outfit is also a useful tip that can easily be overlooked. Apart from providing the scope for a longer tease whilst undressing, the vest, socks and knickers can also stand alone as a simple outfit with lots of kinky appeal.

Role play schoolgirl waiting nervously at the headmaster's desk.

To help us create a more authentic Headmaster, we bought a plain black graduation gown (they often appear very cheaply on eBay) and a traditional school cane. These simple accessories, added to grey suit trousers, shirt and tie and black shoes, will help create the look of a more traditional school authority figure.

I'm not saying it couldn't still be fun, but it will simply not be quite so atmospheric if you're playing a perfectly turned out schoolgirl reporting to a headmaster who is barefoot and wearing Simpsons themed novelty pyjamas. So, make sure you tell him to dress up too!

Headmaster guides role play schoolgirl into a bending position.

No headmaster would be complete without his desk, and of course he'll also need a naughty young lady who is due to report for much needed after-school discipline!

One simple scenario that can be a lot of fun is to present the Headmaster with a note, supposedly written by one of your teachers. Hand the note across the desk and stand, perhaps a little sheepishly, while he assesses the full extent of whatever misdemeanor has caused you to be sent to his office; you've written it yourself, of course, and the severity of your "offense" is giving you control of the game.

Headmaster lifts skirt of role play schoolgirl.

The punishment (or should that be fun-ishment) can be as realistic or as frivolous as takes your fancy. Or, if you like the schoolgirl role play scene, but don't want to be spanked (heaven knows, it takes all sorts!) you could rewrite the role play ending into a naughty seduction scene, teasing the headmaster into a sexy entanglement in order to escape your sore bottom.

Speaking for myself though (I'm always in need of a good spanking) around about now it will be time to bend over the headmaster's desk, your bottom sticking out and feeling his fingers lifting your dress, and perhaps slowly lowering your knickers. Yikes! ;-)

Role play school girl is smacked firmly on the bottom!

And so we arrive at the inevitable, and I think the photograph above speaks for itself.

Relax and lose yourself in the escapism of the moment. The thrill of the spanking, the hot, prickly sting of your bare bottom. The knowledge that this is only the beginning! But before I get carried away, I think I'm only supposed to be talking about the role play, and you can find plenty of Spanking elsewhere on our blog!

Headmaster and role play schoolgirl cuddle after a spanking.

How long you remain in character is up to you. Tearing the headmaster's trousers down and doing him right there on the desk is normally a pretty reliable indication that you are ready to move on from the role play!!

But things don't always have to end so abruptly. A few moments of corner-time to reflect on your bad behaviour might be quite appropriate, and certainly in keeping with the headmaster-schoolgirl scenario. This should be followed by cuddles and soft reassurance that, despite the glowing red bot that he's just delivered, you remain his favourite pupil. After all, even the Head Girl still requires discipline for her occasional bad behaviour..... and so inevitably, we arrive back at the aforementioned trouser ripping-off scenario! ;-)

Whatever your preference, some simple role play is a great way to add spicy fun and thrills into your relationship, and I hope in this post I've been able to share a flavour of what it is that we get out of it.

So get exploring your kinks, be honest with each other, and enjoy yourselves.

My Schoolgirl Judy alter-ego can be found in the following stories, and remember to check out our Spanking category for more of our original spanking themed photo-stories:

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Role on over to the Kink of the Week website... and see what this week's other kinksters are playing at!

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