Fifty Shades of Reality (Book Review)

 16/02/2018    spanking

I bought myself the paperback copy of Fifty Shades of Reality at the end of 2017 for the sexy photos of Cheeky Littlebottom, and I found the stories are great too.

Fifty Shades of Reality (Book Review)

The book Fifty Shades of Reality features the very photogenic and gloriously spankable Cheeky Littlebottom. It's a sexy photo-book and as the title suggests it depicts 50 erotic spanking scenes, each accompanied by a photograph and a short anecdote. The spanking theme is interspersed with some occasional light bondage, and other subjects too.

Be sure to read to the end of this book review and you'll find our spanking photo-fantasy inspired by Fifty Shades of Reality! We call it, The Bookshop Proprietor... ;-)

Her enthusiasm for a soundly spanked bottom is clear from the outset and the stories are told with a sense of humour that we felt added nicely to the excitement. I'd summarise the level here to be very much in the realm of loving, domestic style discipline, mostly hand-spanking, and photos that depict glowing pink/red bottom and upper thighs. There's nothing extreme, it's very much erotic spanking territory, which is exactly what we love!

If you or your partner are at all curious about the appeal of sexy spankings (and if you have read this far I certainly hope so!) I'd say this would make a charming gift to express the sensual aspects of this thrilling kink, and might even inspire curious vanillas. For couples who are already confirmed spanking enthusiasts, I think you'll love it - plus if you're anything like us, you will come away with plenty of naughty ideas.

To summarise the style of the book, the photography is delightfully sexy, and whilst there is some degree of explicit nudity, mostly from behind, I would confidently describe all of the images as tastefully artistic. Maybe you wouldn't leave it lying around when you invite the vicar over to afternoon tea (or maybe you would!!) but any broadminded, kink-aware adult is going to find the photographs highly arousing.

The spankings are depicted as "after" shots, rather than scenes in progress, and Cheeky Littlebottom's beautifully perky bot is presented smouldering at you from every page. Looking very hot, in every sense!

In summary, do check out the book on Amazon, it's available as paperback or Kindle, and you can follow Cheeky Littlebottom on Twitter, where you'll also find several more photos from the book.

It seemed that the only appropriate way to end our review would be to create our own Fifty Shades of Reality inspired photograph and story. We've already explored real life anecdotes in earlier posts, see Some Thoughts on Erotic Spanking and Kink of the Week: Hand Spanking, so in the section below we describe a short fantasy scenario.

Hope you enjoy! It relates the exploits of a naughty bookshop assistant who tries to help her boss understand the appeal of a new erotic photo-book that has just arrived into stock..... ;-)

The Bookshop Proprietor

"You'll have to forgive what you probably think is my prudishness, but I'm really not sure this book should feature quite so prominently in our window display."

Judy seemed somewhat taken aback, noticing that her own and her boss's reflection appeared in the glass shop front, transposed in semi-transparency over the neat stack of Fifty Shades of Reality in the centre of the window display, and his expression bore signs of displeasure.

"We had the other Fifty Shades in the window display, and I think you'll find this book is far more sensual and exciting." Despite her enthusiasm, she saw that he was still frowning uncertainly at the display.

Judy glanced at her watch and with a cheeky grin she linked her arm through her boss's elbow. "Come with me," she declared. "There's ten minutes before we open and I think a short trip to the back of the stock room will ease any doubts you might be having."

Before he could protest she led the way into the stock room and guided him to an upright wooden chair against the back wall. Self-conciously she had taken a moment to confirm the "Closed" sign was still in position on the shop's glass door, but now very un-self-conciously she stripped completely starkers, salaciously tossing her clothes into the corner and draping herself over his lap.

"Just take a good look at my bare bottom, Sir," she breathed. "Pretend that I've been a very naughty girl."

He really did not have to pretend very hard. "Good heavens Judy, this is all most irregular. Although," he continued thoughtfully, "under the circumstances I think perhaps a jolly good spanking is exactly what you need!"

He was still admiring his glowing red handiwork when the sharp chime of the shop-counter "ring for attention" bell dragged his mind back to the normal routines of everyday reality.

A very well dressed young lady in a business suit and dark navy blazer was waiting at the counter, a look of slight concern on her face. "There really was a frightful commotion coming from back there when I came into the shop. I do hope everything is OK."

"Certainly madam. Just a bit of activity relating to, err, book stacking and window displays. How can I help?"

"Well, just this one book actually," and she slid a copy of Fifty Shades of Reality across the counter, blushing slightly. "I must say, when I saw your lovely new window display, it rather piqued my interest."


This has been our review of the Fifty Shades of Reality photo-book, and we included a complimentary fantasy-photo scenario - no extra charge! ;-) If you have enjoyed this blog post you will probably find the links below quite helpful:

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