The Cost of New Pyjamas

 08/05/2018    spanking

Sometimes the cost of new pyjamas is more than just the purchase price, as Judy learns dearly in our new spanking photo-story.

The Cost of New Pyjamas

For the last several minutes, Judy had begun to seriously question the wisdom of her latest purchasing decision. Lying across her husband's lap, looking to all the world like the naughtiest girl in school, she felt the cool and breezy lightness of her luxurious silk pyjamas in stark juxtaposition with the brisk right hand that was very rapidly raising the temperature of her bottom.

From his saucy, but deceptively loaded suggestion that she should "model" the new pyjamas for him, it should probably have become apparent just what was about to follow.

She could not deny that this had been discussed at considerable length. They had both agreed to cut down on any luxury purchases for a few months and with her full agreement they had decided to concentrate on quickly paying off an existing loan before a new car purchase later in the year.

Returning late from a Saturday afternoon shopping trip it would have seemed churlish, not to mention rather suspicious, to reject her hubby's offer to help unpack the bags, and thinking quickly she had prepared her fib - just in case he should question the price tag.

"Oh, don't worry about those," she had said with exaggerated casualness. "They were 70% off. A real bargain!"

Something in her tone, and perhaps the way she had studiously avoided his gaze by busily clearing away some folded up receipts and empty bags, had piqued his interest. When her casual assurances were followed up by a somewhat less casual inspection of their online credit card transactions, her fate was sealed. There was nothing for it but to take up the time-honoured position, bottom raised, afforded little worthwhile protection by the wispy silk seat of her new pyjamas.

"Well, I must say that I am actually quite impressed by the quality of the fabric," he told her, gathering the waistband and pulling the fabric even more taut across her tantalisingly rounded cheeks. He had been particularly enthusiastic in his right-handed inspection of the garment. "So smooth, and it must keep you lovely and cool on these warm evenings."

"No, not really!" Judy barely managed to blurt out between the spanks that had quickly resumed and were now gathering in pace and firmness.

"Oh dear, how unfortunate," his voice loaded with feigned surprise. "Perhaps we should take them down and let a bit of cool air to your bottom?"

Too late did she realise she had walked right into that one!

"No! They're fine just how they are!" she wailed, but barely were the words passed her lips when she realised that the pyjama bottoms were already bunched around her upper thighs, exposing her white satin panties that were tightly wrapping her vulnerably poised behind.

Whatever protection the lightweight crimson silk had afforded was very much gone, and the sound of bare hand on bare skin below the leg elastic took on a crisper note. It was also a sharper and more penetrating sting that now lit up her backside, illuminating each cheek with a warm, pink glow.

From her husband's elevated vantage point, it was almost as if the spreading colour was flooding out from beneath the white panties, seeking new pale-skinned territory to populate with its warmth and redness, a redness that was intermittently blotched with the marked impressions of his palm and fingers. Judy knew that her cheeks would probably soon match the crimson shade of the new pyjamas.

Two minutes later, relief at what seemed to be a momentary respite in the proceedings quickly turned to dismay when she realised it was merely an opportunity for further indignity as her panties were eased down to join the pyjamas that were already resting at half-mast around her thighs.

As the hot, smarting pain intensified, and her wriggling and protests became more pronounced, she initially felt his right leg hooked securely behind her knees, and then her right hand was immovably pinned behind her back. Suddenly finding herself utterly helpless to resist, there was nothing for it but to submit to the prickly sting that throbbed and swelled with every impact of her hubby's hand upon her hotly blushing cheeks.

With intimate familiarity, he too felt the resistance beginning to ebb and eased back his pace, taking more time to savour the firm impact of his palm that was sending shuddering ripples through first one cheek, then the other.

"I hope I've been able to help you understand the need for restraint when considering extravagant purchases?" he queried after a couple of dozen firm but leisurely spanks had roasted her rump still further.

"Yes," came the subdued and slightly muffled response.

"In that case we shall conclude with ten strokes of the mini-tawse. I hope then you will remember the importance of more cautious credit card spending."

Guiding her into a kneeling position, Judy felt him move in close on her left. She knew from ample previous experiences that whilst their mini-tawse was small, it's sting was mighty, and she nervously braced herself for what was still to come.

Feeling the lightest of taps from the cold, hard leather against her hot bottom, she felt herself flinch as it was raised back, knowing that a second later its unyielding sting would be brought to bear on her bare bottom.

With the merest flick of a wrist, its slender tails whipped around her bottom, wielding their familiar biting sting. In relative quiet, compared to preceding brisk spanking that had filled the room with a cacophony of sound, the pocket sized tawse exacted its exquisite sting with a more stealthy precision.

Upward and downward, and from cheek to cheek, his ten firm strokes left no part of her bottom un-singed. Finally, breathlessly, Judy felt herself guided away from the sofa and towards the corner of the room, her husband's hands on hers, holding them frustratingly out of reach of her smarting bottom that she was oh so eager to rub.

She spent an uncomfortable ten minutes on the naughty stool, feeling her entire bottom prickling and throbbing, almost as if she were sitting on a pin cushion. A very memorable lesson in fiscal prudence had been briskly delivered directly via the seat of her pants, and she reflected that long after this awful stinging had eventually subsided, she would probably find it much easier to resist similar temptations in future...


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