Sinful Sunday 389

 23/09/2018    spanking

Our submission to Sinful Sunday 389, Sting in the Tail, is still image taken just before filming a pair of spanking video clips.

Sting in the Tail

Having spotted that our Twitter following has just past 666, we couldn't resist a celebratory spanking video in a devil costume. The notorious Headmaster, Dr Bernie Bottomley, whom you might remember from such stories as In the Headmaster's Study or perhaps The Uniform Violation, encounters a very naughty looking devil and is determined to stir up some demonically infernal fire in the seat of her pants!

Available on a Twitter timeline near you... the first clip features a brisk over-the-knee spanking, and the second clip follows through with "6" from a leather paddle, "6" from a small tawse, "6" from the school cane.

It's All About the Image

This still image was lit by a pair of small LED lights, taken just prior to filming a couple of short video clips. Keep an eye on @SteamyBedtime on Twitter for links to these clips and more! ;-)

Small LED video lights are well worth a look. For cheap and simple photographic lighting they're more intuitive than regular strobes, where you'll either need a decent light meter or take your chances with trial and error. This is what we're using: Neewer 176. Could do with a bit more power, but it's excellent value. The light will mount to a camera tripod no problem, but keep in mind that you'll almost certainly need a thread adapter set if you plan to mount it on a normal light stand.

Sinful Sunday 389

Give in to temptation and descend to Sinful Sunday 389...

Sinful Sunday

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