Sinful Sunday 310


"Classified Fantasy Schoolgirl" is our submission to Sinful Sunday 310.

 19/03/2017    photography

This is our submission to Sinful Sunday 310, featuring Judy in her Lovehoney Classified Schoolgirl Set, and the final image has been given a vintage comic book effect.

Classified Fantasy Schoolgirl

We've recently been experimenting with using photos as an artistic reference for vector illustrations, and then giving them a comic book effect. The use of illustrations in blog posts seems quite underutilised and we recently put the idea to use in this roundup of our half-dozen favourite handjob techniques: Massage Oils Review and Illustrated Handjob Tips.

In this fantasy schoolgirl image, we've tried to create a simple vignette of a time honoured tradition, all captured in a single comic book frame.

This image features Judy in a Lovehoney Classified Schoolgirl Set. It's a fabulous outfit and we've previously reviewed it in this article: Classified Schoolgirl Set and Spanking Fantasies.

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Sinful Sunday

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