The Plimsollator-13 Spanking Toy Review

 12/01/2020    spanking

We're taking a look at a brand new spanking toy, the Plimsollator-13, recapturing the sorely missed days of strict visits to the headmaster's office.

The Plimsollator-13 might be a brand new role-play spanking toy, but it clearly draws inspiration from the flexible, rubber soled plimsolls that some of us might remember from our schooldays.

Top designers and elite craftsmen have been working on this new product for several years, working tirelessly to recreate every nuance of the original design, and so far as we can tell, it's a 100% faithful reproduction! You should note that at just over twelve inches in length, and more than four inches wide, this can be a fierce implement in the right hands and it's capable of delivering a penetrating, thuddy sting.

Back in the day, the original "plimsoll" was beloved by headmasters and headmistresses - almost as much as it was loathed by the naughty pupils who faced it. Or more specifically, by the naughty pupils who faced away from it, bearing many a pained grimace whilst it was firmly and repeatedly applied to their burning, stinging bottoms!

Although this form of old fashioned discipline was sometimes colloquially known as "getting the slipper" a traditional school plimsoll has considerably more heft than a domestic style bedroom slipper, and its impact is all the more memorable for that. Rest assured this feature has been perfectly replicated by the designers of the all-new Plimsollator-13. So sit down (while you still can) and enjoy the rest of our review! ;-)

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The oversized proportions of the Plimsollator-13 are best appreciated when seen in proximity to its most natural habitat. For clothing I'm typically a UK dress size 8, sometimes 10, and I wouldn't claim that my bot is disproportionately tiny (and my hubby would be well advised to shut the hell up at this point!!) so you can see from the photo below that its coverage is very comprehensive!

Weighing in at a hefty 269 grams, you might initially feel some trepidation that's it's too heavy and clumpy to function as an effective "over-the-knee" style spanking toy. However, once you have seen (or felt) it in action you will quickly learn to appreciate the lively flex of its firm, rubbery sole.

In the three frames below you initially see the responsive flex of the tan rubber sole as it speeds towards its target. Then we observe the moment of impact, all encompassing and sending a heavy shock-ripple through my poor, innocent bottom!! ;-) This is followed by the inevitable springy 'bounce' as it rebounds to a shuddering halt.

You might also like to know that the clip above is available on our Bentbox page and comes from the spanking video double-feature, Spanked with a Size 13 and Traditional Bedtime Pyjama Spanking. If you're a fan of authentic over-the-knee spanked bottoms, please do take a moment to look at our clip store. :-)

Naturally the vintage design of this spanking toy fits perfectly with traditional school role-play scenarios. In the photo above it is seen alongside the hat from my Lovehoney Classified Schoolgirl Outfit. Whether you like to imagine yourself as a naughty pupil reporting to the headteacher, or being summoned by a strict PE teacher, or whether you have dreamt up an old-fashioned boarding school scenario where the plimsoll habitually leaves its unforgettable footprint just before dormitory lights out - it's an incredibly versatile spanking toy.

It's close enough to the proportions of a slipper or hairbrush so that it can be used to deliver a serious over-the-knee spanking, and yet hefty enough that it can be used (and perhaps even more effectively) in bending over postures that might help you to recreate memories of strict, long forgotten schooldays.

Whatever role-play scenario you choose, I feel sure the Plimsollator-13 will be guaranteed a place at the forefront of your kinky spanking toy collection.

The "after" photo below was taken following a baker's dozen; just thirteen spanks. It's authenticity was undeniable and I could immediately appreciate how the plimsoll gained is reputation for deeply memorable smacked bottoms. The sting was immediate and penetrating, surging in intensity for long enough that the cumulative effect came into play.

Not only was it tricky to stay still whilst vulnerably poised over my hubby's lap, there was a lasting stingy reminder when sitting down afterwards!

An added bonus is that, unlike every other spanking toy we've ever seen, the Plimsollator-13 comes in a matching set of two! It's like the naughtiest ever "buy one, get one free", so you can either alternate between them, keep one as a spare, or perhaps you favour one for left-handed spankings and one for right.

Either way, it's a bargain that you certainly can't argue with.

And so, we'll close out our review with a few informative stats:

The Plimsollator-13 is just over twelve inches in length and at its widest point (the front toe-box section) it's just over four inches wide.

Looking at its weight, we measure it at 269 grams. By comparison, a Body Shop branded bathbrush, which is generally considered to be a rather heavy spanking implement, weighs less than 200 grams.

Available from all good spanking implement supply boutiques (or just try Amazon if it's more convenient, lol) the Plimsollator-13 is an essential addition to any spanking toy collection, especially for couples who enjoy school role-play scenarios.

At a price of around £10 for a set of two, the Plimsollator-13 is an absolute bargain and, whichever end of the plimsoll you are on, you will certainly be impressed by its impact!


This has been a lighthearted review of a school plimsoll that was given to us by a friend on Twitter, Mr @NewPlimmies. This single, oversized shoe serves only one purpose in our arsenal, but he was also kind enough to give us some additional complete pairs. We're wearing the regular sized ones around the house and hopefully they'll gradually take on a truly authentic, worn-in look.

You can find several of our spanking videos on the website BentBox. If you specifically enjoy schoolgirl plimsoll scenarios, we recorded my first ever taste of a plimsoll in the short movie: Judy's First Plimsoll Spanking. It features myself as a somewhat preppy looking schoolgirl, spanked OTK with hand and plimsoll, then stripping totally naked for more of the same. Ouchies!! ;-)

If the school style authenticity of this implement doesn't really appeal, you can also find some cool "sexy spanking" toys from Lovehoney, and to help get you started we've highlighted a few favourite items below.

Play safe, and enjoy! :-)

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