How Can We Help?

Steamybedtime is a new blog, admittedly with a fairly modest following, but we take a pride in what we do, we're having fun, and are steadily attracting more attention. This page provides you with some useful information if you think you might like to work with us.

Honest Reviews

Almost all the articles on our blog feature products we've purchased ourselves and we've selectively reviewed our favourites. Have a read through our past Articles and you'll soon get a feel for the type of products that are likely to receive a favourable review.

We do try to use some affiliate links where appropriate, but this is a hobby for us and we have no incentive to falsely promote any product or service. We're a genuine, professional couple, who simply enjoy having an outlet to share some saucy photography alongside our ideas and experiences. We're kink-positive, and we hope that we can encourage other couples to experiment.

Here's a sample of one of our lingerie reviews in which I provide some "guidance" for husbands who are planning a gift of some sexy lingerie: Lingerie Gift Suggestions for Husbands.

Product Photography

We take a pride in our photography and we will ensure your product looks good. Most of our photographs are lit with a pair of studio strobes and we colour grade and process all images. The raw files come from our camera at 24 megapixel, which we resize in post-production. When we're ready to publish we ensure that every image is 1mb or less for a better response on our website. We will never feature mobile phone snapshots, unless there is some sort of artistic reason to do so.

Alongside our review, we'll be happy to provide additional product shots for your own use, or for social media promotion.

Here's a sample of one of our product reviews in which we discuss our transition from "toy" furry handcuffs to "real" handcuffs: Real Handcuffs vs Furry Handcuffs.

What It Says on the Tin

If we review a product, we'll try it out for a couple of weeks, and within the bounds of decency for a non-explicit website, we'll document the review in words and photographs. If we review some rope, you'll see it in use. If we review a spanking paddle, you'll see a spanking in progress. If it's an item of lingerie, you'll see it being worn.

One of our bug bears before starting our blog was a frustration with "boxed product reviews". If we wanted to see a photo of some packaging, we'd go to a shop. In a review site we wanted to see and read about normal couples and their real-life experiences - and that's what we're aiming to deliver.

Here's a sample of one of our articles discussing our love for Japanese rope bondage and one of our approaches to learning more about this beautiful erotic art: Getting Wrapped Up In Shibari Practice.

Get In Touch

If you'd like to work with us, you can get in touch via social media, or email us at the address below:

info (at)

We'll get back to you very soon... unless we're a little tied up! ;-)