Sinful Sunday 333

 26/08/2017    spanking

Judy feels the moment-of-impact with this deluxe leather spanking strap in our submission to Sinful Sunday 333.

Hard Leather Below Soft Satin

I'd like to think that we are steadily becoming more adept at capturing these rippling moment-of-impact shots. The photograph below (actually, several paragraphs below) was one of the first captures, so we were off to a great start, but inevitably some are going to be mistimed, or there is other motion that distracts from the final image.

If you ever encountered the definitive British spanking magazine, Janus, you will undoubtedly remember the work of the late Vic Barnes, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Janus Worldwide published a fantastic interview with him, dated February 2013: Secrets of the Janus Photographer. Vic was an outstanding photographer across many disciplines, in the business for nearly 40 years and specialising in glamour, celebrities, interviews, and even motorcycles. Amongst many achievements he's credited with being "the inventor of the impact shot" and it became a defining feature of Janus photo stories.

Inspired by those images, we have tried to come up with a method that allows for a timed self-portrait with a tripod mounted camera. The setup here is a strobe placed high and to the camera-right, and a second strobe placed on the floor to the right, providing some upward fill. A remote shutter release initiates a three second timer with an audible, "beep... beep... beep-beep-beep-beep-beep..." and with any degree of luck, the impact of your partner's hand, paddle, hairbrush, ping-pong bat, slipper, strap, etc, etc, will coincide perfectly with the "kerr-chunk" of the shutter and the synchronised flash of the strobes.

We used the same basic setup in our submission to Sinful Sunday 325, where a red ping-pong bat makes short work of teaching a lesson to a very naughty demon. I think we achieved a better result this time... practice makes perfect! ;-)

Some of the preceding hand spanking warm-up shots turned out nicely too, almost like pond ripples on a single cheek but, after much deliberation, we settled on the strap photo above. Specifically we liked the way the impact is flaring out, whereas the other shots were rather more symmetrical along the edges of the strap.

We were lucky enough to be asked to review the leather strap in our submitted photo, and I foresee quite a lot of "testing" over the next couple of weeks, we'll publish our findings in due course. Although, the hubby might have to type it out for me and I'll dictate it to him standing up! ;-)

Never underestimate the impact of naughtily clicking the logo below to visit the Sinful Sunday website so that you can read all about this week's other sinful photos...

Sinful Sunday

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