Sinful Sunday 325

 01/07/2017    photography

Sinful Sunday 325 is brought to you by the letter D and the number 99, although to be perfectly honest it's possible we may have slightly lost count part way through. We love these spanking impact shots and were really pleased with this capture.

Damnably devilish demon's delightful derriere dominantly disciplined

Given a theme of the letter "D" we initially tried to resist the obvious "Domination" and "Discipline" interpretations, but it also seemed like such a great opportunity to dig out my "Sexy Devil Outfit", we ultimately decided to simply embrace the meme! ;-) And so, the full sub-title of our photo this week is:

Determined disciple dominantly disciplines damnably devilish demon's delightfully defrocked derriere, dispassionate, despite disconsolate discourse demanding due dignity during deliciously disproportionate denouement.

The devil's outfit comes from Ann Summers, with the lace boyshorts from Lovehoney.

At the beginning of May we wrote up an article about some of the things we love about erotic spanking. You can check it out via this link: Some Thoughts on Erotic Spanking.

Fortunately we demons are used to a bit of heat, so here we are in the aftermath of this photo-shoot. According to the hubby, it's tricky to get the timing right on these "moment-of-impact" photos, so we obviously had to take plenty... just to be sure. That's his excuse anyway, and I'm not complaining. ;-)

We find the ping-pong bat tends to leave slightly odd impact marks, mainly red around the edges, so he did a bit of colouring in with a brief hand-spanking afterwards. Colouring-in is always a good way to relax!

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Sinful Sunday

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