Erotic Spankings with the Ouch UK Mini "Stinger" Pocket Tawse

 08/04/2018    spanking

We gave our first impressions of this Ouch UK pocket mini "stinger" tawse a couple of weeks ago, and now we've put it through its paces in a longer erotic-spanking scenario.

In our blog post of 21st March, we gave our first impressions of this Mini "Stinger" Tawse from the Ouch-UK Correction Collection. It's the smallest of their Tawses and Straps range and is sold as a compact pocket/handbag item, but once introduced to your bare bottom you're quite likely to find yourself feeling rather less dismissive of its modest dimensions!

We're grateful to @RTersley for sending us the mini-stinger, although more accurately, I might be slightly less grateful than my husband, who for some reason seems to really enjoy seeing me squirm uncomfortably whilst over his lap... it takes all sorts! But nevertheless, I'll admit that it's a lovely quality implement. ;-)

We described our first impressions in this blog post: First Impressions of the Ouch UK Mini Stinger Pocket Tawse. We present a fantasy scenario named "A Sting in the Tail", for reasons that will quickly become apparent...

If you are following us on Twitter you may have already seen the short video clips we've shared:

Actions speak louder than words, so you may want to enjoy those clips before continuing, and we do refer back to them later in our review. The lingerie comes from Lovehoney and is an item they called the Escante Love See Through Bustier Set. It's been discontinued, but for similar items see their Basques and Corsets range.

One of the first observations we made when we originally handled the mini-stinger was that the leather felt surprisingly stiff. After just a couple of uses it does feel slightly more supple, but the springiness is still very apparent.

In the first of our video clips, Springing Into Action, with the merest flick of a wrist the mini-tawse delivers a deft, lightly tingling sting.

Incidentally, we added the wrist loop last week. Perhaps not really necessary, but it does give a reassuring fingertip grip when holding very close to the end of the handle. It's simply a loop cut from a broad, leather shoelace.

From our first video, we jump forward approximately sixty seconds to the clip we named Time To Be Firm, and the hubby has begun introducing a little forearm movement into his wrist flick. You'll see from my reaction that it really doesn't take much to create a quite sharp and distinctive sting. The impacts are pretty quiet too. It's certainly got the quietest sting-to-noise ratio of all our spanking implements to date.

Fast-forward another thirty seconds to the clip named Pick Up The Pace, in which my other half introduces a wicked burst of rapid flicking; at a rate of 146/WPM, that's "whacks per minute" according to our calculations! ;-) You'll see from the video, these are not big, sweeping strikes, just a speedy succession of rhythmical licks; but even these moderate licks have bite!

And so we come to our In Conclusion video clip, wrapping up with a couple of dozen slower paced, but slightly firmer licks. Applied more firmly this mini-stinger does penetrate a little deeper, but it's a naturally light implement and the main focus of sensation is a rather sharp, transitory surface sting; intense while it lasts.

For skin aftercare we have been fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey Soothe Me After Spanking Cream but it seems to be discontinued and we're currently using a cooling aftersun lotion - it feels amazing massaged into a hot bottom and both the stinging and redness quickly faded. (Admittedly that could be a positive or a negative, depending on your perspective!)

Overall my observations about this level of fun-ishment are that the mini-stinger certainly has a flair for delivering a memorably prickly spanking, which at several times had me struggling to keep in position. My hubby has become an immediate fan and loved all the cute squirming from such a relatively light spanking.


The Pocket Mini "Stinger" Tawse comes from Ouch UK and was provided to us by @RTersley without obligation, although naturally we'd be more than happy if our writing can somehow help support this quality craftsmanship.

We've previously written about this mini-tawse here: First Impressions of the Ouch UK Mini Stinger Pocket Tawse, and you'll find more photos, video clips and mentions if you follow us on Twitter: @SteamyBedtime.

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