Spanking In Mainstream Cinema

 22/09/2018    spanking

We take a look at some favourite spanking scenes from mainstream cinema, from the breathless first spanking in Secretary to the slapstick silliness of The Ups and Downs of a Handyman.

About a year ago we wrote a blog post Tied Up In Movies, which featured some of our favourite bondage scenes in mainstream cinema. This time we decided to do the same, but with spanking scenes!

You might think what's the point, when there are so many dedicated spanking video producers out there, but I think there's always a delightfully kinky thrill when you discover these scenes in a mainstream feature film... and it makes you wonder who else in the audience is thinking the exact same thing as you? ;-)

Spoilers should not be much of a problem here since we're simply providing a very brief description of why each scene appealed to us. But, just in case, here is a list of the films we're going to mention.

Where else can we begin but with this scene from 2002's Secretary, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal's bottom and James Spader's merciless right hand! It marks (quite literally judging by her private inspection in the bathroom later) the beginning of Lee Holloway's voyage of submissive discovery.

It's a long and intense scene with very few subtle camera cutaways, and the focus stays on the spanking. In the image below we have this beautiful moment of intimacy where their fingers touch immediately afterwards. It's hard, deeply satisfying, and E. Edward Grey is my choice for the top Mr Grey!

Moving forward to 2011, we find Keira Knightley's graphically orgasmic spankings in A Dangerous Method. Can't claim I particularly enjoyed the film, but there's no arguing with her response, and she's spanked twice; over a sofa by hand and tied to a bed with a belt - and yes, that's both tied with and spanked with!

Yet more recently in 2017, and this one currently gets our nomination for the most erotically charged scene overall, we have Bella Heathcote (Olive) vs Allie Gallerani (Sara) in Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. It's not the hardest of spankings, but the reactions are wonderful.

In a sorority initiation, twenty-six swats of the paddle are delivered to the seat of Sara's pants! (That's six more than were prescribed in the dialogue.) The scene is witnessed by Professor Marston and his wife Elizabeth, to their intense arousal, and the swats intensify as Olive becomes aware of their quite obvious voyeuristic pleasures.

Back a few more years to 2013, and that year saw the release of Peeples. A bit of a Meet the Parents clone, but honestly not quite as bad as the reviews might suggest. However, the gorgeous Kerry Washington dressing as a seductive schoolgirl and demanding a spanking is more than sufficient to redeem any possible flaws in the plot.

Her roleplay outfit is simply fabulous, even though the emphasis is more towards humour than discipline. I think this scene is a great portrayal of some light-hearted kinky fun with enthusiastically informed consent.

Returning back several decades to 1963, we have the classic McLintock! featuring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. The climactic spanking scene is preceded by GW's very public six minute pursuit of Katherine through the town while she gradually sheds clothing, and also takes a perfect slapstick dunk from a falling ladder into a trough of cold water!

Her final comeuppance, a firm spanking on her skintight, wet cotton bloomers has to be one of the most memorable of all mainstream cinema spankings! Politically incorrect - almost certainly! And Maureen O'Hara appears to confirm in later interviews that the paddling was just a little bit too realistic. Ouch!

And so, to draw this list to a close, we fly back across the Atlantic to good ole Blighty in 1976, and this raucous sex-comedy that's firmly in the Confessions Of A... tradition. The film is The Ups and Downs of a Handyman, and it features a village squire, Bob Todd, with an insatiable spanking fetish.

With some judicious use of the frame-by-frame advance, we managed to capture a couple of impact shots. First, bowler-hatted in the shower, his attentions are directed towards Olivia Syson.

And next, we see him dealing with a schoolgirl anti-hunt protestor, played by Ava Cadell in an amazing uniform... I need one! ;-)

Masie, played by Gay Soper, takes her second spanking of the movie (see this blog post's title image for the first scene) and persuades the squire to do a favour for the titular "Handyman" with promises of how she'll continue to keep him entertained.

He agrees and so it looks like her foreseeable future will be punctuated by many more trips across his lap.

And Ava Cadell makes a further appearance for another (sadly rather brief) excursion over the squire's lap during a Benny Hill style speeded up chase scene. Oscar material this is definitely not, but it's a lot of spanking for a mainstream film.

Summary and References

Hope you enjoyed this round-up of a few of our favourite mainstream movie spankings.

For some further reading, we highly recommend the Vanilla Spanking blog. It's a fabulous resource, updates regularly, and every post is tremendously well researched. I'd go so far as to say I think it's one of the best spanking blogs out there today. Please do check it out. :-)

And in closing, if you have any other favourites that we've missed, do feel free to leave a comment below... maybe we can write a follow up!

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