Sinful Sunday 373

 03/06/2018    spanking

We take a look "underneath" the skirts of sailor girl Judy for Sinful Sunday 373, catching a glimpse of a rather familiar ritual in the SteamyBedtime household.

What Lies Underneath

Whenever the world of sailing comes into a joyful collision with the world of spanking, I cannot help but be reminded of this traditional English verse:

There once was a girl named Bianca,
Who slept while her ship lay at anchor.
She awoke with dismay,
When she heard the Mate say,
Hi! Hoist up the top-sheet and spanker!

~Anon. (But most likely written by Henry VIII.)

This Sinful Sunday image comes from our latest spanking photo-story: Sailor Girl Judy Spanked for Church Fete Misbehaviour. The local vicar (unwisely) asks Judy to help out at the church fete, and trouble ensues! ;-)

The theme for Sinful Sunday 373 is "Underneath" and we chose a photo from a spanking themed photo-story that we're currently working on. I love this cheeky sailor girl fancy dress outfit, but you really can't get a decent spanking through all that frilly mesh underskirt, and in several of the photos we captured a really nice light hitting the back-side of that mesh. (I was more concerned about my own back-side at the time...)

In this image I particularly liked the dynamic closeness and the hubby grabbing a fistful of skirt!

It's All About the Image

Low key photography is something we've neglected and this current photoset was inspired by a series of delightful low-key spanking photographs currently being tweeted by @RTersley.

The black backdrop speaks for itself, and we tucked it under a rug to give the impression of a continuous black background. In a domestic setting (unless you live in a mansion) keeping light off the backdrop can be a challenge. We went with a single white umbrella, but angled forward so that the light grazed across us and mostly avoided hitting the background.

It proved to be reasonably successful, a gridded light might have been better, and several of the shots would have benefited from an accent light to kick up a bit more definition and separation to the scene. There's a tall leather barstool in there, but it's pretty much lost in shadow. It's been fun, so we'll try that next time! :-)

Sinful Sunday 373

If spanking rocks your boat (or if you're just curious) we invite you to take a peek at the Spanking Category of our blog. But first, cast off and launch yourself on a direct course to Sinful Sunday 373...

Sinful Sunday

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