Sinful Sunday 371

 19/05/2018    spanking

Our Sinful Sunday image this week was a pre-spanking test shot, and never actually intended for publication, but we loved the way the tall shadow seemed to loom in from the left.

A Shadow Looms

We love trying to capture "the moment of impact" in our spanking photos and the technique we are using relies on creating a very short exposure using a flashgun, rather than relying on the camera shutter. This specific image is a monochrome treatment of a photo from a photo-story that we began on Wednesday.

All these shots are taken in a semi-darkened room and the preparation includes pre-focusing the camera (can't easily focus in the dark) and taking a meter reading to confirm the exposure. In this example, f7.1 at ISO400; the shutter speed is largely irrelevant as the entire exposure comes from the flash. With the camera set on an audible 5 second timer, assume the position and count along with the beeps so that you pick up the rhythm. Five, four, three, two, one, smack! Then just basically hold your breath and hope for the best! :-)

Our Sinful Sunday submission this week is a test shot, not really intended for use, and was simply our final check confirming the timer was working, that the focus was set correctly, and that the flash exposure was correct. There's a mistake though, because although "headmaster" (aka, the hubby!) is out of shot, he was partly blocking the flashgun, and hence the tall shadow up the left side of the image.

Our photo above is a monochrome treatment of an image from our latest spanking photo-story: Schoolgirl Judy and the Uniform Violation. The story features two parallel timelines that converge in the final scene... does it work, or is it confusing? We'd welcome any feedback.

The tricky part in all of this becomes synchronising the impact with the flash, so if you are going to give it a try, make sure your model is prepared to do multiple "takes" for every shot. I really do like the result though, so honestly, it is most definitely worth it... give it a try and drop us a note in the comments! ;-)

If you look at the Spanking Category of our blog you can probably find quite a few examples, such as those above. So, now it's time to synchronise watches, get ready, and quick as a flash head over to Sinful Sunday 371...

Sinful Sunday

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