Sinful Sunday 338

 01/10/2017    photography

We decided to revisit the bathroom for this week's Fluid themed Sinful Sunday and Judy is showing some cheek, again.

Feeling Bubbly

A couple of weeks ago we put the steamy into Steamybedtime with our image: Still Dirty. With that as an inspiration, we revisited the steamy-bathtime theme for this wet and cheeky shot. I love that ethereal tickle of bubbles around my booty, so we went heavy on the bubble-bath and tried not to drop the camera! ;-)

We're a little late with our submission again, so I see quite a few pictures are already in. I love the ultraviolet images from LittleSwitchBitch and AuroraGlory. No idea if it's candle wax, or I'm guessing it could be ultraviolet body paint, but it's something I really must get around to experimenting with. Gorgeous images - so do check them out!

If you have a thing for bubbles, you're welcome to try clicking the thumbnail below for a link to our un-watermarked original image, but be warned it's 6480 pixels wide... cue the inappropriately cheeky (wide-angle) comments from my hubby no doubt. Grrr!!


If you're already bubbling over with anticipation, head to the Sinful Sunday website and soak up this week's other sinful photos.

Sinful Sunday

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Sinful Sunday 342

  29/10/2017    photography
An accidental four second exposure while taking a light-meter reading led to this sinfully ghostly image....

Sinful Sunday 336

  17/09/2017    photography
Our Sinful Sunday picture this week takes the form of a slightly saucy eCard meme....