Sinful Sunday 336

 17/09/2017    photography

Our Sinful Sunday picture this week takes the form of a slightly saucy eCard meme.

Still Dirty

We took a series of these bathtime candids and decided to have a bit of fun in the style of the familiar "eCard memes" that often circulate through social media.

Everyone will be familiar with them. They typically run along the lines of:

  • "Stop undressing me with your eyes... use your teeth!"
  • "Don't tell me what to do... unless I'm naked!"
  • "Tell your trousers that it's rude to point!"
  • ...etc, etc, etc!

In our example, we're obviously referring to the kind of dirty that doesn't wash off. ;-)

Don't let Sunday be a wash out! Crack open the bubbly and head over to the Sinful Sunday website to soak up this week's other sinful photos.

Sinful Sunday

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Sinful Sunday 342

  29/10/2017    photography
An accidental four second exposure while taking a light-meter reading led to this sinfully ghostly image....

Sinful Sunday 338

  01/10/2017    photography
We decided to revisit the bathroom for this week's Fluid themed Sinful Sunday and Judy is showing some cheek, again....