Sinful Sunday 337

 24/09/2017    spanking

We have whipped up this progressively stingy submission for Sinful Sunday 337.

Vintage Spanking

We've spent a bit of time working on our first ever Kink of the Week post this week, and since that topic is "Hand Spanking" this additional image didn't really fit with the theme. It's been given a vintage style photo treatment, which I think works well especially given that the lighting wasn't too good to begin with.

The improvised implement is sold in craft shops (probably in florists shops too) as decorative mikado reed sticks. The stems are quite fragile, so it's a toy that's best suited to gentle teasing, but it does manage to whisk up a light and nicely delicate sting.

In  our first ever Kink of the Week submission we take an affectionate look at what is certainly our very favourite kink: Kink of the Week - Hand Spanking.

If you're tingling with anticipation, whip over to the Sinful Sunday website to luxuriate in this week's other sinful photos.

Sinful Sunday

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