Sinful Sunday 328

 23/07/2017    photography

After our photo sessions we often take a final few still-life images of lingerie, rope, or other play things. This is a recent example, featuring our rope bag and some Okinawa Jute rope.

Secret Life of Rope

Before tidying up after a photoset, we quite often take a few additional photos of the aftermath. Sometimes this might be tangled heaps of rope (we have lots of those photos!) and other times it might be lingerie, or a discarded spanking paddle! Quite often they're interesting, but it's not terribly clear how they could be used.

Our photo this week is one such example. It's our rope bag, in this case loaded with Okinawa Jute, and the silk fan and cotton tenugui are a couple of items that we often include. We also keep a pair of Timesco safety shears in the bag, not shown in this set-up, but it's important to keep some handy.

Another essential tip is to make sure you have had a few trial runs with the shears. We found it's not as easy as we had expected to quickly cut through a rope and should you ever need to do so in an emergency, it's good to know what to expect and how to do so efficiently.

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