Sinful Sunday 327

 16/07/2017    photography

We have recently been working on creating better structured and more consistent rear stems in this style of gote shibari tie. It's neater, more efficient, and also more comfortable to lean back against.

Reclining Gote Shibari

We've been aware of a few basic errors in our technique when creating these takate kote style ties and it's been particularly apparent when reviewing the stem, and how we've created the frictions that are required. It's not a complicated technique and with a view to finally, really sorting it out, we sat down with a notepad and pen and reviewed several tutorials in coming up with a simple technique that will work well for us.

A new blog post discussing that will be finished over the next couple of days - watch this space! In the meantime, here is one of the images from the photoset that we really liked, but it didn't quite fit with the context of our article. It's a classic gote shibari tie, forearms together, omitting the cinch on the upper wraps and only cinching the lower wraps. The satin gown is from Amazon, a bit of a bargain, and the silky fabric works beautifully against the contrast of the twisted jute ropes.

The aforementioned blog post is now available here: Gote Shibari and Stem Practice. We take a considered look at the improvemts we wanted to make, and provide some pointers to courses on the ShibariClasses website...

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