Sinful Sunday 326

 09/07/2017    photography

Any red blooded male seeing his wife or girlfriend in a pair of side-fastening bow knickers will find himself utterly helpless to resist slowly reaching out his hand and giving a tug on the long end of the ribbon, watching the scanty garment tumble to your ankles. It is just so provocative, and I love it.

If We Shadows

A photograph is able to perfectly capture a single moment in time. Perhaps a magical moment of fantasy, precious and yet fleeting. Erotic photography can extend the beauty of these moments. Here the dreamy starkness of the monochrome felt like it could almost be a shadow - and we resisted the temptation to apply any colour toning to the image, sticking with the purity of the black and white tones.

The hubby reminded me of this quote spoken by Puck in the epilogue of A Midsummer Night's Dream:

If we shadows have offended,
Think but this and all is mended:
That you have but slumber'd here,
While these visions did appear.

Knickers (and bikini bottoms for that matter!) that fasten with bows on both sides feel very naughty and no man will be able to resist teasing loose the bow fastening and watching them fall. The anticipation is simply delicious. From a practical point of view, they work great if you like a little bedroom bondage, where conventional panties might be difficult to remove. They also peel off beautifully mid-spanking, if that's your kind of thing! ;-)

We've now written a review of both the items seen in these photographs. Check out our blog post here: Lovehoney Lace Up and Unwrap Me.

We were initially planning to go with the image below, slightly naughtily reclining on the sofa, but the boldness of the pattern in the close up bow detail just seemed to be crying out for a high-contrast black and white treatment. But, I do still rather like the image below.

This second photo shows the complete outfit, a black satin chemise and the tie-side briefs, both from Lovehoney. With its silky appearance and the lace up detail at the back the chemise is lovely, either for nightwear or saucy fun! The knickers are an almost transparent lace, with the additional enticement of the ribbon bow side fastenings.

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