Lovehoney Lace Up and Unwrap Me


Chilling out slightly naughtily in this Lovehoney Lace-Up Black Satin Chemise and a pair of Unwrap Me Tie-Side Briefs.

 12/07/2017    lingerie

This black satin chemise looks very classy with it's sleek, silky fabric, and the lace up detailing against your upper back goes perfectly with the tie-side briefs. The absence of lace trim gives it a clean line and it's very complimentary.

Our most recent order from Lovehoney paired up this lovely Black Satin Lace Up Chemise with some rather naughty Tie-Side Lace Briefs. The chemise is a bargain at around £15 - it's not super fancy, but it's very sleek and sexy. We chose the knickers as part of a three for £15 offer, again - wonderful value. The individual price (£9.99) is perhaps a little steep in my opinion, so do yourself a favour and get an additional two pairs for only £5 extra!

Have a look through the photos below and I hope you'll agree they come together very nicely as a set. The lace up detailing and the ribbon tie complementing each other rather nicely.

It takes a little practice to get the bows just right, but you'll probably find your partner is more than willing to offer his assistance. He'll be even more willing to assist with their removal - and that pretty much encapsulates the appeal of these knickers. They look gorgeous while being worn, and are really good fun for your partner to take off.

The chemise is very unfussy, and the simplicity and the slinky blackness lends it an air of sophistication. I'd like to think of it as sleek and sexy in a very classy way - just like me! ;-) Err, and moving swiftly on...

It's worth highlighting that the lace panels of the unwrap-me tie-side briefs are very sheer and don't leave too much to the imagination. The photos we took from the front were a little too revealing to share! I love them, but if you're looking for something more discreet, these might not be your best choice.

As I mentioned earlier, the bow side fastening looks great and is very easy to remove. It's also fantastic if you're into bedroom bondage play. You can be wearing them in a full spreadeagle tie on the bed, and your other half can have great fun teasing open each bow and slipping them off.

The final photo above shows a detailed view of the ribbon tie-side fastening. It's a wide, black ribbon, holds the knot well, and the width seems to make it very comfortable.

If you follow our blog you might recognise that this is the original colour image we turned black and white for our entry to Sinful Sunday 326. Comparing the two photos, we thought the black and white treatment really emphasised the pattern of the bow.

Overall we've been delighted with both items and will certainly be doing more mixing and matching in future!


In this article we've been looking at pairing up two Lovehoney lingerie items into a complementing set.

We found it a great combo, and delightfully easy to remove! :-)

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