Coquette Purple Mesh and Metallic Lace Babydoll Set

 28/05/2019    lingerie

Your "Aladdin" will forget about any other caves of wonder when he gets an eyeful of this Coquette Metallic Babydoll - he'll think all his wishes have already come true.

The colour is described as grape. Pretty apt, although our first impressions were of a sheer, subdued and dusky mauve. Whatever you want to call it, it's a gorgeous shade that works beautifully with the metallic silver details.

The set consists of the Coquette Metallic Babydoll with matching G-string. A few of the lingerie sets we've bought from Lovehoney (and all other retailers too) tend to come with a "free" G-string which turns out to be an oversized, flimsy throw-away item that no self respecting temptress would wish to have adorning her sexy bot! However, in this case you're getting a properly matched pair of knickers in the same purple and silver fabrics.

The babydoll is a sheer fabric, very light, and it bears repeating that by "sheer" I really do mean almost transparent! ;-)

The styling is that the babydoll wraps, with a split that's off-centre at the front. The fabric drapes nicely, covering your tummy, but always with the tantalising prospect of revealing a little more! The hem and edges are finished with simple, black stitching.

As mentioned above, the knickers are fab, perfectly matching the style of the babydoll down to the black lace and silver thread decoration.

The shoulder straps adjust easily, just simple black straps, and they're decorated just above the bra with black ribbon bows. As is the theme of the piece, the bra and midriff section of the babydoll feature black lace and sparkly silver stitching with diamante style crystals - a little plasticky perhaps, but they still look very nice.

The offset split in the babydoll lets it drape beautifully while lying on your side. For best effect, practice your reclining princess pose with a hint of exposed thigh!

If you wanted to take the Arabian princess theme a little further, you could accessorise quite easily. Think along the lines of a sheer face veil, and of course, the jewellery. It would look fab with the headpiece often found in belly dancing outfits (search for "headchain") and match with necklace and bangles. If your belly button is pierced, there are lots of options, or search for "bellychain", another popular belly dancing accessory.

If a little bit of naughty spanking fun floats your magic carpet, the light wispiness of this babydoll creates some beautiful movement in the draught of your hubby's right palm as it firmly descends to warm your sexy cheeks!

Follow this link for an arty slo-mo clip we shared on Twitter: "Floating".


Overall I'm delighted with this item. We've probably played up the Arabian Nights and Aladdin references in this review, but actually theĀ Coquette Metallic Babydoll is simply a lovely, stand-alone item, with a slightly exotic feel. It will feel equally at home whether you're looking for regular sexy bedroom wear, or if you're planning on role-playing as one of The Khasi of Kalabar's harem girls! ;-)

For more reviews, and to check out the sizing info, follow this link to the Coquette Metallic Babydoll.

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