Oh La La Cheri Red Sheer Suspender Body

 24/11/2019    lingerie

The Oh La La Cheri Red Sheer Suspender Body comes from Lovehoney and its sheer fabric and pretty lace detail is a sure fire way to flaunt any red-hot bod.

This Suspender Body is a teddy style body with underwired cups and curved plastic bones that help maintain its shape. It's cut very high at the thigh, and together with its thong back, it really shows off the curve of your hips and bottom. The fabric is predominantly sheer nylon, with high quality lace trim.

This item was supplied by Lovehoney in return for an honest review. We've had the product for around 4 weeks and this article is an accurate account based on our usage and opinions of it so far. If there's any change to that opinion, we'll write up a new review and link to it here. (24 November 2019)

I confess I'm not the biggest fan of thongs, purely in terms of the comfort, but for saucy bedroom wear I think this is a really beautiful addition to my lingerie collection.

Firstly, please be in absolutely no doubt that this fabric is sheer. It leaves little to the imagination, and when you're wearing it your partner will certainly get the message! ;-) I highlight this because you should remember the official product photos have been photoshopped since, even in the year 2019, female-identifying nipples are still currently illegal throughout the world. Just remember that in real life you will find the bra cups are almost transparent.

Overall the fit is designed to cling to your curves and it achieves this really well. The shoulder straps are adjustable, exactly as you would expect, but back of the Suspender Body has a pair of adjustable straps that help cinch around your waist, and there are multiple clasp positions on the bra fastening itself.

It's not mentioned in the official product description, but another bonus is that the crotch has a press-stud fastening. The suspender body is so alluring that it almost seems like a shame to remove it. Without going into too much detail here, let's just say that this particular feature is perfect for quick and sexy access!

The suspender straps are detachable, and I love this feature. It looks fab with stockings of course, but there are times when I'd prefer to wear it as a plain teddy, and so it's good to know that you can easily slip these straps on and off.

The thong is the same sheer red fabric, trimmed with a simple lace pattern. It's cut high around your thighs and your hips and bottom are beautifully framed. If you enjoy a thorough dose of hanky-panky over your hubby's lap, the design here is quite simply a spanko's dream come true!

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In summary, my impressions of the Oh La La Cheri Red Sheer Suspender Body are extremely positive. It's beautiful as a standalone sexy item, and it also pairs well with other outfits. I've tried it with a nurse and schoolgirl role-play fantasy costume so far, and it creates a very naughty dynamic. The price tag does reflect that this is a luxury item, but the quality is excellent and I think the value is in line with other similar lingerie.

It definitely has the seal of approval from me and the hubby! :-)

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