Sinful Sunday 322


She Showed Me Much More is our submission to Sinful Sunday 322.

 11/06/2017    photography

For this weeks submission to Sinful Sunday we are testing the theory that there's no such thing as too much Black Lace. Black lace panties are paired up with a shapely bustier with black lace trim, and black stockings - also with black lace detailing.

She Showed Me Much More

I've said it before, but these Flirty Lace Boyshorts are a firm favourite, and I think I've collected almost every colour available; sexy and comfortable in equal measure. I really liked the coordination in this photo, and suspenders and lace are always delightfully naughty! :-)

Earlier this week we published an article considering how small details can make a big difference. You can check out that via this link: Devilish In The Detail.

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Sinful Sunday

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Sinful Sunday 328

  23/07/2017    photography
After our photo sessions we often take a final few still-life images of lingerie, rope, or other play things...

Sinful Sunday 327

  16/07/2017    photography
We have recently been working on creating better structured and more consistent rear stems in this style of gote shibari tie...

Sinful Sunday 326

  09/07/2017    photography
Any red blooded male seeing his wife or girlfriend in a pair of side-fastening bow knickers will find himself utterly helpless to resist slowly reaching out his hand and giving a tug on the long end of the ribbon, watching the scanty garment tumble to your ankles...