Devilish In The Detail

 07/06/2017    lingerie

While taking a look back through some of our photographs taken in the "boudoir" we talked about how it's often quite subtle details that really elevates an item of lingerie to being amongst our favourites. In this article we've picked out a few of our photographs to help illustrate that thought with some naughty examples.

They say the devil's in the details, and when it comes to saucy lingerie, those details might often bring out the devil in you! We enjoy erotic photography and it was while looking back through some previously unpublished photos that we started to notice pretty little details that we really hadn't taken the time to notice before. In this article we've picked out some previously unseen shots, and we've taken a few new ones, to highlight some of our favourite small details from our lingerie collection.

Often it's all too easy to be swept off your feet by the overall feel of a sexy lingerie set, but in the eagerness to rip off each others clothes and jump into bed, sometimes it's really nice to slow down and savour these small details. Take your time to admire, to touch, and express your admiration, before delicately removing, so as to prolong the anticipation.

This first photo we picked out features a Lovehoney Seduce Me Basque, one of our all time favourites. It's soft, figure hugging, and very complimentary. Definitely pick up some nice stockings to coordinate with the lace details. What we particularly like is the way the ribbon stitching feels like it tracks your curves and is beautifully finished with the delicate pink bows.

A really sexy basque, paired with stockings and suspenders is guaranteed to get your bloke hot under the collar. Find more in this selection of Basques and Corsets.

When it comes to cage back spanking knickers, there are lots of reasons to love them. You'll be feeling very naughty even before your hubby flips you over his lap for some hand to bottom action! The bright red bow detail in the photo below really stands out against the strappy criss-cross pattern of the knickers.

If you enjoy the sensuous allure of rope bondage, spanking knickers look fabulous and will compliment the lines of your rope patterns. Even better, why not combine rope bondage and spankings? It's a great way for your partner to ensure that you keep your hands clear of your beautifully presented bum!

When it comes to knickers, I have more of these Flirty Lace Boyshorts than any other style of panties, having collected almost every colour available. Simple and sexy, and yet super comfortable for everyday wear. What I really like about them is the way the bold pattern shows against the contrasting skin tones that plainly show through the sheer patterns amongst the lace.

Here I've combined these Black Lace Boyshorts with a Lace Garter. It's kind of old fashioned, but delightfully naughty, and a great way to add a saucy look to your thigh. It's well worth having two or three in your collection, in different colours, because they pair up so well with fancy dress outfits too. The one shown here was knows as the Classified Lace Garter (discontinued) but take a look through this page of Suspender Belts and Garters, and you're sure to find something similar.

With such a complete palette to choose from, you can pick a colour to suit your mood, or here I chose the Orange Lace Boyshorts which seemed to complement the tan colour of this loose laid Japanese style rope.

When it comes to enjoying small details, rope bondage is a feast for your kinky eyes! In the picture above we see a relaxed hogtie position in the bedroom. Your partner can enjoy slowly wrapping you in the caress of their ropes until you are helpless to resist whatever pleasures he has in store.

Finally, pearl thong knickers are something we reviewed in an earlier article. Subtly visible through the beautifully patterned lace, the string of silvery pearls touch you as you move around, teasing you with their gentle movements and pressure. It's a style that seems to be becoming more popular... and with good reason.

For the discreet and naughty thrills throughout the day, check out our review here: Secret Pearl Thong Briefs.

It's an old cliche, but take the time to "slow down and smell the roses". Enjoy the little details and you'll find your appreciation of the overall ensemble becomes even greater.


Some of the items we've featured here have been the Lovehoney Seduce Me Basque from the Basques and Corsets range and some stockings to compliment the design.

Open, cage-back knickers are great for playing out your fantasies of erotic spanking, and in a couple of the images above we highlight they also look great against rope patterns you'll find if you like to explore Japanese style rope bondage. Check out the Shibari Classes website to get your rope journey off to a great start.

And of course, the flirty lace boyshorts and pearl thong knickers, are another couple of our favourite items that you'll often find on display if you look back through our blog! ;-)

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