Secret Pearl Thong Knickers

 12/03/2017    lingerie

For anyone who enjoys naughty thoughts whilst going about your daily routine, Pearl thong knickers are a great way to create some very discreet additional stimulation. The pearls lie against your clit and your own natural movement causes a subtle rubbing motion that really hits the spot.

Pearl thong knickers are a type of lingerie that I became aware of quite by surprise. I never even knew this was a "thing" until I happened to stumble across these briefs on Lovehoney, and all of a sudden I seem to be seeing them a lot more. Their unique selling point is that by wearing them during the day, your natural movement, walking, shopping, sipping posh afternoon teas, rollerblading, and so on, will cause gentle rubbing against your clit.

We featured an additional photo of these knickers on our submission to the Sinful Sunday 309 photo competition.

So the big question has to be, do they actually work? Read on and all will be revealed...

To get straight to the point - yes, they do work. But, let me add a slight caveat to set the right level of expectation. This is not like walking around the house with a magic wand tucked into your pants. We all do that, right? Back me up here please! ;-)

Obviously your mileage may vary, but my experience falls in line with most other reviews I've looked at. You can expect some very pleasant stimulation, and you'll probably be getting wet and feeling pretty horny, but you most likely won't be spontaneously orgasming as you go about your daily routine. And, I really don't see that as a drawback to the product. They are there to get you excited, and in a way that can feel rather naughty if you wear them outside the bedroom.

The best way I can think to summarise this review is that wearing them feels like a really prolonged but pretty gentle foreplay. They may not tip you quite over the edge, but you'll be well along the way, and by the time your hubby is tearing them off with his teeth you'll definitely be feeling ready for action!

I whole heartedly recommend this style of knicker. They look great, and simply going by appearance alone, the pearls give an lovely additional hint of luxury. The turn on is of course a very welcome bonus that you'll almost certainly experience to some degree, and what's not to love about that? I'd say they're a definite must have item in your lingerie collection.


These specific knickers are discontinued, but the range has expanded since we purchased them. Check out this link to Pearl thong knickers and you'll see there is plenty of choice. I haven't reordered any new pairs yet, but when I do (and I will do soon!) I'll probably go for these: Lovehoney Crotchless Pearl Thong.

I think they would make a lovely gift too. The pearls are a kinky luxury that definitely adds value and excitement to the item. My hubby thinks they look great, and the fact he shares in the knowledge that I'm secretly wearing them (on a night out, etc) is an additional turn on for him too. For any boyfriends and husbands who might have stumbled on this page, feel reassured it's a classy gift that will pay off in more ways than one.

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