Sinful Sunday 320

 28/05/2017    photography

In our submission to Sinful Sunday 320, we are taking a break from three weeks of erotic rope bondage and have had another try at capturing the live dynamic of a spanking in progress.

Pyjama Spanking

All too often the popular image of erotic spanking seems to be a sharp-suited businessman vs a lady in expensive designer lingerie. There's nothing inherently wrong with that I suppose, but it does feel like it's becoming a rather tired cliche. We prefer to sit very much in the camp of everyday spontaneity. I know the hubby loves nothing more than tugging down my pyjamas and flipping me across his lap, before sending me off to bed with a sore bottom and a mind that's racing with dirty thoughts!

A couple of nights ago we indulged in (from my partner's perspective) a gentle left-handed spanking over my pyjama shorts. It was slow and indulgent, incorporating intimate touch and was very much about the pleasures of foreplay.

Tonight we chose a lightweight bamboo paddle that delivers a crisp sting with an exquisite bite. The slap of rigid, unyielding wood against your bare bottom is very different to the sound you get from a hand or a leather paddle. The sting is intense, but the implement is light enough not to leave any bruising, which can sometimes be a problem with a wooden hairbrush or slipper - if you enjoy that sort of role-play. ;-)

We're recalling this experience simply to emphasise that erotic spankings can be beautifully nuanced: from gentle intimacy between lovers, to the cathartic release of being disciplined like a very naughty girl, and everything in between. Communication is key, and we highly recommend trying out a few different spanking paddles so that you can try to find your perfect sweet spot.

We recently wrote about some of our motivations and favourite techniques for erotic spankings. You can check out that via this link: Some Thoughts on Erotic Spanking.

The small, rectangular bamboo paddle we're using in use in the photo is from the Lovehoney range of spanking paddles, but sadly this particular paddle was discontinued some time ago. The closest equivalent that is still available to buy is this Singapore Stinger 3. It has a very similar sensation upon impact, although it is more oval shaped in appearance.

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