Sinful Sunday 317

 07/05/2017    photography

Our intention had been to shoot a peeping through the keyhole style photo, but a fairly dramatic miscalculation of angles led to a last minute rethink and this surveillance style camera freeze-frame. Hope you enjoy the image.

I Spy With My Sinful Eye

I'm a big Sharon Stone fan, and Sliver is one of my favourites. She's looking gorgeous as always, Massive Attack feature in the soundtrack, there's voyeurism aplenty, plus the usual murder and intrigue... what more could you ask? ;-)

With that in mind, we originally set out to capture an image that would look as if it had been taken through a keyhole, voyeuristic and exotic! When we added a blurry keyhole overlay to our images, it was immediately apparent that the angles were all wrong and there was no earthly way that a door's keyhole could be looking in that direction. With a last minute rethink we stuck with the voyeur theme, but went for a more high tech spy camera, rather than the traditional keyhole.

If you've followed any of our earlier Sinful Sunday photos, you might remember these "over-the-knee" images. We've now published the rest of that photoset in a blog post, Some Thoughts on Erotic Spanking, exploring how we maximise the kinky pleasures of a sound spanking.

We had some fun creating the composite image, adding some old fashioned lens distortion, building a lined halftone pattern and adding some green colouration and light, gritty grain patterns. The  keyhole idea was fun, we planned to tease about exactly what we'd like to do to any naughty lady who dared to peep through our keyhole, etc, but all things considered I think the spy camera idea probably works better.

The uniform you see in the image is from the Lovehoney schoolgirl costumes range, and the rope is from Esinem-Rope.

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